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Association Membership – ‘DOING AND BEING’

The first thing to do is to ask the question - what exactly should membership mean. What does a member do? What are the reasons for someone wishing to become a member?

There is a difference between 'doing' and 'being'. Membership is more than serving on committees. It is also a state of mind, an attitude. The following points help to outline the attributes of an “ideal” member, both in the “doing” and the “being”.

Ownership - The new member begins to make the transition from being a customer or consumer of the education the school has on offer to becoming a partner and part owner in the school.

This represents a marked change of attitude and outlook. No longer is the family’s involvement restricted to a fee for service transaction. The member family now becomes a partner in the whole process of the school community.

Commitment - The sense of ownership of the member leads to commitment. There should be commitment to the broad principle of Christian education in general, and to MECS in particular.

Willingness to learn - Christian education is something that needs to be understood and explored. The member should be willing to learn more about this type of education and to understand and encourage its application at MECS.

Encouragement and Support - The member is a partner within the school community. The member should be ready to offer encouragement and support to various people throughout the school. Specific areas that need positive member support are the teachers, principal, Board, students, parents and the Association.

Prayer - the member should be committed to praying for the school’s people and the school’s activities and position within the wider community. A school association membership which is lifting the school up to the Lord is an inspiring prospect.

This Video Link talks about the purpose of a school association

A membership which is both personally committed and faithful in trusting God for His blessing will achieve great things.

Jealous - In the biblical context, of course. The member needs to be jealous for the honour of the school, and to defend the school’s reputation, Christian ethos and practices. The member should resist undue and unjust negative criticism of the school and be willing to present the school in a positive and informed manner where appropriate.

Service - From time to time, the member should be prepared to offer their service to the school community. This may take many forms in different areas as the member feels they are gifted.

Serving on the school Board is one area of particular need. Others include Parents and Friends, working bees, community Development, camps and excursions and classroom activities.

If you would like to find out more about Association Membership please contact Nicole Nyhouse via the school office

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