How is MECS Governed?

Because the school was founded to support Christian families in the nurture of their children as the Lord's children, it is appropriate that it be governed by Christian parents. The school is owned by the Association for Christian Education, Mount Evelyn. The purpose of the Association is "... to provide parent-controlled, Christ-centred schooling with learning experiences challenging each student to actively live for God in His world, while supporting Christian parents' nurture of their children at a price affordable to committed parents."

Membership of the Association is open to those who can subscribe whole-heartedly to its Christian Educational Creed and who undertake to support the school by prayer and financially. Members of the Association come from many different churches in the school area. The great majority of its members are parents of children in the school and a large proportion of the Christian parents who have children in the school are members of the Association.

A Board of nine directors is elected by the Association. All members of the current Board are parents of children in the school. The Association normally meets twice per Year and the Board meets monthly. The Board has appointed the Principal as its Chief Executive Officer and works closely through her to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association through the work of the school.

Ideally all parents in the school should participate fully in its life and governance. Therefore all parents who can whole-heartedly subscribe to the school's Educational Creed are encouraged to become members of the Association and so participate in the task of governing the school.