Actively living for God in His world

Actively living for God in His world

Thursday, 10 May 2018  | Narelle - MECS Principal

As I reflect on our recent Open Day, a critical part of deciding whether families want to partner with our school or not, is the way they are inspired by our vision and mission for education to be somehow different and distinctive because of who we are as a Christian school. Part of our mission statement states that we desire to provide learning experiences for our students so that they can ‘actively live for God in His world’. 

Each one of us spends time in the ‘world’ or ‘marketplace’. This may be a different environment for each of us; for some it may be your work place, for others it may be at university or school. It could the sporting club we belong to, or where we go to pursue our hobbies or those of our children. It is in these places that we build relationships with people. These relationships can very easily lead to conversations about life and even spiritual matters.

There are plenty of examples in the Bible that confirm what we already know; that most of life happens outside of the church building! The activity of God doesn’t only occur on Sundays! We see that God is continually at work in the market place and this has occurred throughout the ages. When God launched His great work to bring salvation to humanity, He called Abraham, one of the most successful businessmen of his day (Gen 24:35). Likewise, Isaac’s son Jacob became wealthy through his business acumen (Genesis 30:43). Joseph in the Old Testament served God, not as a preacher or missionary but as a grain administrator (Genesis 41:37-57). Elisha was invited to join God’s activity when he was ploughing a field (1 Kings 19:19-21). Amos declared he was not a prophet or the son of a prophet but a sheep breeder and tender of sycamore trees (Amos 7:14). Daniel served God as a government official.

Similarly in the New Testament, we read that Jesus was trained as a carpenter and when he called the twelve disciples together, he chose fishermen and others with a career (Mark 1:16-20). Once these people experienced a life transforming encounter with Jesus, they were prepared to turn their world upside down. Joseph of Arimathea was a businessman who had the courage to approach Pilate, the Roman leader for Jesus’ body. He used his business contacts and influence to provide Jesus with a proper burial. Lydia, a business woman, was a key member of the church at Philippi. Two of the main supporters of Paul’s church planting ministry were Aquila and Priscilla, a couple who ran a leather and tent-making business. 

The ‘world’ and marketplace, not the Church building, is where people spend most of their time. God does not wait to encounter people when they enter church on Sundays. He goes to where people are and encounters them during their everyday lives. Going to church should be about being equipped for the daily mission of ‘actively living for God in His world’, wherever that is and whatever that looks like.

Part of our educational mission it to equip our students to do just this. Not only when they leave school as young adults, but at whatever age of their student journey. However, all of us in the MECS community have an opportunity to do that. Each of us has the opportunity to point to Jesus and His Kingdom, in the way we speak, care, support, treat and love one another.

I hope something of this was evident to our visitors on Open Day. Not only an educational vision worth partnering with, but a vision for life as well. One that is worth sharing with whoever we meet as we go about our daily life in the world and marketplace.


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