Being Open to New Things

Being Open to New Things

Thursday, 7 February 2019  | Narelle MECS Principal

As a teacher, I often wondered what an ideal lesson should look like for my students. Would it be one where my students operated out of a strength area in order to experience success and build confidence? Or, should I challenge my students to develop areas of weakness in order to build resilience? Would an ideal lesson be one where my students worked together in teams developing their interpersonal skills? Or, should my students be encouraged to work individually, developing their independence? Was it better for my students to practice current skills, working towards mastery? Or, was it better for them to seek opportunities for new knowledge and skills, adding to their repertoire?  

Obviously I came to realise that there is no single ideal lesson. Rather, it is the range of experiences which collectively contribute to a healthy and well-rounded education. However, it also helped to have a welcoming and positive approach; having a growth mindset open to ‘new’ things that might be before us. A new approach, a new style of learning, a new challenge, a new subject, a new teacher, a new school.

When I think about my own faith journey, I believe that this can also be enriched through a range of experiences. This year in staff devotions we are focussing on new spiritual practices that will bring us closer to God and the ‘fruit’ of that relationship. Every two weeks, our staff pastoral care groups will lead us in exploring either a spiritual practice such as prayer, fasting and hospitality, or a spiritual ‘fruit’ such as joy, kindness and faithfulness. As a community of Christian staff we are looking forward to the new thing that God is doing and are keen to embrace a new way of being closer to God.

As we begin another school year, I am thankful for the rich tapestry of ‘lessons’ that are before our students. Whilst many formative lessons will take place through camps, excursions, performances and sporting events, I am thankful that they will also take place in quieter moments; in classroom settings, sometimes welcomed and sometimes uncomfortable; sometimes with other students and sometimes in isolation; sometimes as an ‘aha’ moment and sometimes through patient practice.

As a community, let’s also embrace the ‘new’ thing that God is doing amongst us and in our individual faith journeys in 2019. May we not begin the year complacently assuming it will be just the same as the last one! Through our own spiritual practices and through our communal life together, may we seek the Kingdom of God in all things and as a result, bear much fruit.


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