Celebrating 45 Years

Celebrating 45 Years

Thursday, 25 October 2018  | Narelle - Principal

Significant birthdays are worth celebrating. They are opportunities for reflection, gratitude, renewal. Opportunities to say thank you! Opportunities to check that things are still on track!

Over the last few months, but particularly in the last week or so, our school has had the opportunity to do just that. Forty-five years of partnering with parents in Christian education is something worth reflecting on and celebrating. Recognising the enormous contribution of our founding families in making the school a reality is a reason for gratitude. Being challenged to not become complacent or to stand still is vital for our future.

Last week was the culmination of our 45th Anniversary celebrations with a well-attended and memorable EGM meeting on the Thursday night and a delightful afternoon tea to celebrate the contribution of our founding families on Sunday 21 October. Both events saw our three past Principals - Jack, Stewart and Martin in attendance and it was great to hear from them in various ways. They reflected on their own significant memories, identified opportunities and challenges for the future, reminded us of the importance of serving and partnering with parents and exhorted us to be open to the ‘new’ thing that God has in store. How precious to have them all here together!

Another highlight of these occasions was the viewing of our ‘Founder’s Film’. Throughout this year, staff members Nicole and Mic have captured the stories of our founders and this has been made into a short film. It really captures the heart, passion and determination of our pioneers in establishing MECS. We thank these families for their tireless work and faithfulness to what God was calling them to. 

Finally, last term our staff, students and parents also had the opportunity to celebrate our 45th birthday. Whether it was a ‘Back to the ‘70’s’ day, parent morning tea, staff afternoon tea or old photos decorating our building site – we have had lots of variety in making sure our present day community has also had opportunity to reflect and be thankful!

So… where to from here? I’d like to think the same vision and passion still inspires our Board, Association, staff and parents today! As we continue to build and develop a vibrant learning community, centred on Christ, partnering with parents, challenging students to live for God in the world – why not join us? Join us in prayer, join us in becoming Association members and join us in inviting others to be part of this community. Together, let’s commit to seeking the Kingdom of God in education for another 45 years!


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