Centre Trip Lessons

Centre Trip Lessons

Thursday, 20 October 2016  | Jacinta
Three significant things I’ve never done before this trip:
Sleeping under the stars, going to Uluru and going into the salt lake.

Four things I’ll never take for granted again:
Showers, clean clothes etc, my own space and money.

Three highlights:
Yuendumu; just hanging out with the kids and getting to know them, talking to people outside my friendship group, and sleeping under the stars; I really enjoyed the experience.

One disappointment:
The rain; even though it was part of the experience, I would’ve enjoyed sleeping those nights under the stars instead of in tents.

One area of my life that has undergone change and/or growth over the past 16 days:
My understanding of aboriginal life (I now have a better appreciation for what I have). I never realised how underdeveloped the aboriginals lives are. I knew they weren’t well off, but I didn’t know how poor they actually are. Yet even though the kids’ lives aren’t that great, the kids appreciate what they do have. We complain about all these little things and they have so little but they keep smiling and make the most of what they do have.

A ‘little thing’ that has changed in me that may lead to a ‘big thing’ growing:
Just going on Centre Trip and seeing how big Australia is has helped me change. It’s made me more aware of how amazing God’s creation is and how much he loves me. He’s given me this opportunity to experience different parts of His creation and showing me many different things. I’m going to remember this trip for years to come and how God worked through this trip to change my attitude towards Him and life. He’s given me insight to all these amazing things that are going to help me into my adulthood. My perspective about many things have changed and will continue to change and be impacted due to this opportunity.


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