Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Thursday, 12 December 2013  | Paul - Principal
MECS focuses on these camping experiences because we believe they offer incredibly valuable educational outcomes. Primarily, students are able to connect and cement their class-based learning in a way that no other teaching strategy would allow. But there are many other reasons why this type of learning and experience is so valuable.
This generation of students desperately needs the opportunity to participate in new experiences that allow them to learn more about emotional and physiological responses, equipping them with skills necessary for adult life. Camps thrust children into an unfamiliar environment where they need to deal with many different emotions including excitement, freedom, anxiety, nervousness and wonder.

Our camping experiences allow students to:

manage the uncertainty and ambiguity that comes when different scenarios present themselves, and find appropriate responses to these
take responsibility for themselves in an unfamiliar environment
experience community and contribute to it through personal interaction and seeing themselves as part of a larger community
manage emotions and the impacts of these on decisions
cast off technological hindrances and enjoy the simplicity of being in the outdoors.
Experiential learning takes students out of their daily routine and allows them the opportunity to show leadership, teamwork and compassion. There will be conflict and tears to deal with. At times, there may be disinterest in activities - but this encourages students to understand the need to take responsibility for their own learning rather than expecting to be entertained.
Camps develop independence, self-reliance, organisational and problem-solving skills and the opportunity to develop leadership skills where they may not necessarily naturally exist. Students need to learn to listen and communicate which develops key life skills.
MECS believes that students see ideas, themes and concepts in their ‘wholeness’ when out in the creation. The opportunity to engage with topics in this context allows for a richer and deeper understanding of God’s world, which ultimately brings students closer to understanding of who they are in God’s world.
It takes a lot of work to take a whole group of students on a camp. To our staff and parents who give up their time and energy – a big thank you. I look forward to hearing the stories that come from this wonderful opportunity. 

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