Finishing Well

Finishing Well

Thursday, 27 June 2019

It’s already half way through the year - the imminent end of Term 2 highlights the things we had hoped to have finished by now, and yet, somehow haven’t quite made it. Our human inability to finish what we start is seen in a myriad of smaller and larger things – a half-read book; a card written but never sent; a phone call promised but never made; a knitted jumper begun but left so long its intended recipient has outgrown it; a hobby lying idle; an abandoned diet; a friendship neglected; a course of study not completed; a choked faith; a struggle for justice gone cold.

The reasons are varied: sometimes life gets in the way, and we find ourselves with less time than we’ve previously had; priorities change, circumstances change. And sometimes the finish line seems overwhelmingly too huge to contemplate. Life brings a thousand and one temptations to quit, to give up on our commitments, our relationships, our visions and dreams, our faith, hope, and love. 

We leave undone and quit too soon… but not so God! Let us remember that God is capable of taking our unfinished stuff and weaving it into his own completed project. May we recognise the cool breeze of His Holy Spirit, lifting our weariness and spurring us on to finish what is good and holy in His sight - that which brings restoration to his world. May we be encouraged by the determined endurance of many of our students to see the term through; to push through frustrating obstacles to their learning, to work through challenging circumstances, to restore broken relationships.

“It is finished.” Such simple words! Such a stupendous task completed. Jesus’ death on the cross is the culmination of God’s compensation for our unfinished dreams and projects. It is the finished work of God to restore the world to Himself. A new order is on the horizon. God’s Kingdom has come. 

May we be able to find rest and refreshment over the coming break in the God who has brought all things to completion in Christ!


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