Garden of Love and Learning

Garden of Love and Learning

Thursday, 14 February 2019  | Di - Assistant Principal - Primary

The Primary School GT (Get Together) last week was a wonderful time to worship together and regroup after the holidays. We welcomed a number of new staff and many new students. During the GT we took the time to introduce our Faithful Foundations. In 2019 our hope and prayer is for MECS Primary to be characterised as a garden of LOVE and LEARNING. At MECS we have long been known for the love and care shown to our students. Each student is nurtured and encouraged to grow towards being their best self. We believe that our students are uniquely and wonderfully created with their own individual learning styles, personalities and ways of expressing themselves. Our students are all gifted by God and we want to help them to discover and unwrap those gifts as they learn to work together in community. Our staff provide many opportunities for students to find their best fit style for learning. This occurs through the diverse learning programs, how we teach (pedagogy) and what we teach (our curriculum). We think about our playtimes, building layout, designs, and our environment, even down to what and how we sit or stand up in class (furniture). Our community approach clearly demonstrates that MECS is a place of love.

But wait there is more…

We also want to be known as a flourishing garden of great learning. MECS Primary is also a deeply engaging place to learn. Our students proved to us last year in our Writer’s Festival that they can be profound and excellent writers. We have many talented readers and writers in our Primary School. We have also won our way to state finals for Tournament of the Minds three years in a row, and had our mathematically capable students do very well in the National Maths competitions. There are many opportunities for each and every one of our students to be working at the ‘cutting edge’ of their learning ability. Every child can learn, and every child can be the best learner God intends them to be.

Your job as parents… We want you to be looking out for the characteristics of Love and Learning in your child. We want you to see Love and Learning across our Primary School reflected in the academic faithfulness of our students. We want you to look out for engaged learners who display their learning in creative and meaningful ways in our expos and learning displays throughout the year. We want our parent community to enjoy the garden of love and learning along with us, and to celebrate as our students flourish.

We have some new garden beds in 2019

Our new Foundation children, team and classrooms

We welcomed our new little Bilbies, Geckos and Froggies into their beautiful new buildings for their first week of school last week. We have a new Foundation teaching team of Fiona, Richelle/Bec and Jess. What an experienced and lovely bunch of educators! You will notice that the buildings are designed to encourage our littlest students to already be thinking about how they learn best. The spaces are designed with calming colours, lots of natural light, and a hint of playfulness to depict how little children explore their world.

Last year we introduced our Greenhouse (Education Support) team to you. We welcomed Alison and Louise as our expert Education Support team. Louise is here just over half of the week. She has our ‘Butterfly Centre’ up and running for those students who require a different approach to the everyday classroom. Alison is here for three quarters of the week and will be looking after ‘The Shed’ where you can find all the tools and equipment for both teachers and students, to support best learning. Alison is busy finding out about our students and working out our support systems. She will also form part of our JP and MP Guided Reading teams, ensuring that each child can work at their reading level. Mic has been busy organising and setting up our STEAM room ready for our techy kids. There are many other new and interesting things happening in the garden. As the year goes on, we will share these in our ‘focus on’ columns, through parent correspondence, and in our GTs. Look out for SMASH in Middle Primary and SALT in Senior Primary (Active Learning sessions) where students will be exploring a range of things as diverse as Ninja Warrior parkour skills, Circus skills, Sport, Sustainability, Science, Technology and Scripture.

We look forward to echoing the scriptures in Ezekial 36 and Isaiah 58 that MECS Primary will be a place of peace, a well-watered garden that can be known far and wide as a Restorer in Education.

God Bless you and your family as we embark on this exciting journey in education for 2019.


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