Growth, Change and Sowing Seeds

Growth, Change and Sowing Seeds

Thursday, 29 October 2015  | Brad - Middle School Coordinator
Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Association EGM to discuss ongoing growth in the Primary School. During the meeting, I took a moment to cast my eyes around the room at the people gathered: parents, grandparents, staff, new Association members, past principals and board members, founding families. Despite the diversity in the attendees’ ages and stages of life, a common cause united each and every one of us: Christian education, specifically at Mount Evelyn Christian School.

For over forty years, MECS has been seeking the Kingdom of God in education. Over this time there has been many changes - in staff, facilities, educational trends, culture and government regulations, but the core values and guiding vision have remained consistent.

As I looked around the room again, I was struck by the staggering sum of hours, days and years that the gathered assembly had committed to furthering the cause of Christian education.

I couldn’t help but also be struck by the faith with which the school’s founding families had acted. Before there were finances or property or buildings or staff, there was a desire for a uniquely Christian approach to education, and a drive from a group of pioneers committed to establishing a school founded on biblical principles. These pioneers were the original torchbearers of the school’s vision and values, and laid the foundation for all that MECS has achieved.

I was so encouraged by the presence of founding family members at the EGM. Although their own children have long since finished school, their commitment to Christian education is still strong. Although they may not be involved in the day to day running of the school, they have faithfully and graciously passed on their vision and values to new generations of torchbearers to run with, cheering them on in the process.

The event served to remind me that we are part of something much larger than ourselves. I am but one character, in one chapter, of a much grander story.

The example of our school’s pioneers looms large. Their example calls us to act in faith, much as they did over forty years ago – an act of faith that still bears fruit today.

I believe that teaching is such an act of faith. Like the sower in Jesus’ parable, teachers cast seeds of education. This occurs in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, thought-provoking content, diverse teaching strategies, and relationship with students and colleagues. However, we do not always know into what kind of soil these seeds will fall. Sometimes we will be blessed to see the fruit of these teaching ‘seeds’ in our classrooms and in the schoolyard. Others, however, we will not see germinate and come to fruition.

And that’s OK.

I know from my own experience that many seeds lay dormant until God’s good timing requires that they take root. And until that time, I am content to act in faith and seek to sow seeds that God may use in His good way and His good time.

Photo credit: X. Fonseca/CIMMYT.


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