Let's Party

Let's Party

Thursday, 29 March 2018  | Narelle - MECS Principal

I love a good birthday celebration! Particularly if it is one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays. As I turn 50 later on in the year, friends and family are already asking what am I going to do to celebrate. It has reminded me that stopping to celebrate and reminisce is really important. It is good to reflect on your story, where you have come from and where you are now; what’s still important to you and who you are sharing life with.

This year MECS celebrates its 45th birthday. In this edition of ReConnect, and throughout the year in lots of other ways, we will be reflecting on this significant journey. But let me indulge in some reminiscing on when I first joined the MECS community in 1992 as a 23-year-old graduate teacher!

I remember in those early years teaching Tracey, Jerome, Amelia, Rachel, Jaclyn, Jo, Julie, Warren, Luke, Derek and many others who are now parents in our school!

I remember moving all the typewriters out of a classroom to make way for the new computers.

I remember wading through waist deep water at Pound Bend in Warrandyte as part of our Year 12 end-of-year celebrations.

I remember walking down the hill from the senior school on a narrow dirt path, which was all that connected the Senior School to the rest of the school.

I remember the old Property Manager’s house, which stood where the present MCG play area is.

I remember organising my first ever excursion – only to have a student’s car stolen from Lilydale station and spending most of the night trying to track it down because there were precious assessment tasks on the back seat.

I remember staff retreats at Marysville at the old Elkanah Lodge. 

I remember student/staff soccer matches in the theatrette because we didn’t have a gym.

I remember hearing grand stories about the Centre Trip as they trundled back in after another successful trip.

I remember having a yearly interview with a Board member to make sure that my faith was still of good standing.

I remember making life-long friends who still encourage and support me.

I remember being swept into this thing called Christian education and being captured by its ‘all-of-life’ approach to faith and education.

I remember having my faith grow bigger to encompass this new understanding.

I remember finding a true purpose for my work life.

It is my prayer for this community that as we celebrate our 45th Anniversary, we would be proud of where we have come from and be able to celebrate where we are going. That we would be able to look back fondly on all those precious memories and see God’s faithfulness and goodness over many years. That we be inspired to move into the next season of life at MECS with a renewed sense of purpose and vision for this school and those who journey with us.


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