Living for God

Living for God

Tuesday, 9 April 2019  | Narelle - MECS Principal

In our recent publication, ‘Head. Heart. Hand’, the text includes these words; “MECS strives to be dynamic and creative leaders in learning; learning that instructs the mind, shapes the heart and equips the hand. We look at God’s world with biblically informed glasses… we want our students to be robust in mind, heart, and character - seeing a vision for living beyond themselves. Not only are we preparing our graduates to seize life’s challenges and opportunities, we are inspiring them with the courage and conviction to shape the world in which they live rather than being shaped by it.”

When I participate in the Year 10 Centre Trip, as I did last year, I see these words in action. By immersing our students in this experience we do seek to shape the heart and equip the hand. We want them to see the plight of our indigenous brothers and sisters and the issue of reconciliation through biblically informed glasses. We trust that their experiences and contact with people living a very different life from their own will convict them to be part of the solution. We know the experience of being away from loved ones and familiar routines builds courage.

However, even more delightful than the ‘normal’ experience of Centre Trip was sharing the 2018 trip with Marilyn and Lynda, ex-students and now staff, who had made the trip as students 36 years ago! How great to hear how this trip had been so formational in their own ‘growing-up’ all those years ago. How inspiring to hear how their introduction to indigenous people and culture way back in 1982 had shaped them as people today and their views in regard to reconciliation. How beautiful to see how these lovely ladies had been shaped and equipped to be now back serving our present MECS students and staff as Centre Trip cooks.

They say the ‘proof is in the pudding’! If that is true, in so many ways, this story included, I see evidence of the way MECS has had an impact on students past and present. I see three generations of folk who have been inspired with a vision to live beyond themselves, shaping the world in which they live with the message of hope and new life that we find in the Bible.

If you are past member of this community reading this edition of ReConnect, I hope that is your story. If you are part of this community now, let us make sure that we continue on faithfully so that our future students also know what it is to ‘actively live for God in this world’.


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