MECS Secondary - What's New!

MECS Secondary - What's New!

Thursday, 28 February 2019  | Karissa - Assistant Principal - Secondary

I always love the hope and excitement that a new year brings. Opportunities for revised and invigorated curriculum: for new initiatives and areas of focus; opportunities for new relationships: for the building of trust amongst friends and between teachers and students; opportunities for a fresh start: for students to re-focus their commitment to their education and to be open to growth of character and learning.

This new school year has started with a flurry of excitement. Whilst we are now into week 5 of the school year, it seems like only yesterday that we were welcoming our 47 new students into the secondary school.

And along with our new students, we have a number of new staff (and past staff returning) who have joined the secondary team:

Allan has returned to MECS after spending 8 years in schools in the Northern Territory. Allan’s feet have barely touched the ground as he has immersed himself in his new role, empowering Middle School staff and students to teach faithfully, learn faithfully and live faithfully.

Daniel came on board as our new Indonesian teacher. Daniel brings years of expertise in speaking Indonesian, developing Indonesian curriculum, and developing authentic cross-cultural experiences. With Daniel’s employment, we have been able to extend our Indonesian language program into Years 9 and 10. We are excited for the possibilities that the school’s connection with the Indonesian language and culture will bring in the future, and we greatly look forward to the first step in the experience as we welcome some exchange students into our community later this year.

We have welcomed Sharon back as a Middle School teacher. Sharon has formed part of the Year 8 Cultural Studies team, and is using her passions in Sewing and Needlecraft to bring an engaging Textiles Term Taster class to our Year 8 students.

Cassie and Lisa have come on board as our School Counsellors. Available to students of both Primary and Secondary, Cassie and Lisa form an integral part of our student support and wellbeing team. In a world where the mental health and wellbeing concerns of young people are on the rise, it is good to be responsive as a school and provide this much needed counselling service for students.

Yvonne, formally a relief teacher and Uber tutor in the Senior School community, has come on board as our Year 11 Business Management teacher. Yvonne brings a wealth of knowledge across a range of areas and is excited to be working alongside our Year 11 students to excite learning and strive for excellence in the Business Management space. 

And we welcome Natalie (current parent), Caz (current parent and MECS Primary Teacher in 2003/2004) and Lynda to our Learning Assistant Team (Lynda is also our current playgroup leader). Each of these women bring a passion for seeing young people thrive in their learning, and expertise across a range of subject areas. They are a wonderful addition to an already thriving team of learning assistants in the Secondary School.  

As well as new staff bringing renewed passion and expertise to many areas in the school, I am also excited by the continual work of our staff team to review, plan and deliver an engaging curriculum:

Our Jenga Program (Support and Extension Program) is set to commence in week 7 after camp. Despite the Maths and English and 3D Enrichment program not yet commencing, the Jenga students were able to experience their first ‘Off Campus Day’ (OCD) with a trip to the Zoo. 

As part of our continued efforts to ensure that all students are well supported in their learning, we have just signed up for EDROLO for some of our VCE classes. Edrolo is a comprehensive, premium, interactive online video and exam simulation resource for the VCE, providing our students with the best opportunity to perform to their potential throughout the year. Initially being used in our Psychology, History, Further Maths and Maths Methods courses, Edrolo will be used in a range of ways across the year including holiday homework, pre-class work, post-class consolidation, assessment preparation and exam revision.

Following a successful implementation in these subjects, Edrolo will be further accessible to all Unit 3/4 students in most subjects through a free 10 week trial prior to our end of year exams.

And still to come…

This year we anticipate the commencement of our much-anticipated Middle School Playground. With building works to commence later in the year, the playground will take pride of place on the western-side of the oval and extend into the existing shade-sail area. Whilst the building works will no doubt close off a small portion of the oval, we look forward to seeing how the thoughts and ideas of the student body, as well as the proposals and planning of our student leadership team, will come together to provide a wonderful space for Middle School students to play, hang out, get fit and learn.

We continue to look forward to finding new ways and new opportunities throughout the year to empower, equip and encourage our Secondary students in their learning and in their lives. We look forward to partnering with you as we guide our young people each new day. 


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