Partners in Vision

Partners in Vision

Thursday, 16 November 2017  | Narelle - MECS Principal
MECS is a school that has, and continues to, think deeply and carefully about what we do. Every year, staff wrestle with what it means to do things ‘Christianly’, and in particular, our teaching staff put enormous energy into thinking about what this means for every aspect of their teaching practice. To support them in this process, we require our teaching staff to complete studies with the National Institute of Christian Education; I am proud to say that this year we had 14 teachers complete Units towards either a Graduate Diploma in Christian Education or a Masters of Education. We presently have 22% of staff who hold a Masters from the Institute. 

It is what makes us distinctive, even among other Christian schools. As I chat to leaders in other Christian schools, many envy the legacy and culture we have established at MECS in putting into words and actions what we hold precious. Many of these schools are using our ‘Transformational Education’ book with their staff to start their own thinking about these issues.

For families who partner with us in the education of their children, we know this is important. We have been blessed with a great sense of community and beautiful facilities; however, at the end of the day, many of you care most deeply about what happens in the teaching and learning program each day and deeply desire that this be framed by a biblical worldview. Thanks for the essential part you also play in this: the commitment you make financially, the support of our ‘workbreak’ weeks that allow teachers to undertake the tasks to make this happen; your faithful prayer and your partnership with, and trust in, our teachers. This partnership between home and school is a significant blessing to all of our students. 

Partnership Agreement
Our Partnership Agreement, which all parents sign when their children start at MECS, is the ‘covenant’ that establishes this relationship. This Agreement sets out the obligations and undertakings that both parties agree to in this partnership. They include a commitment to uphold the Christian ethos and values of the school and to understand the ‘distinctives’ of a Christian education. Parents are to uphold and support the educational purposes of the school in a whole range of ways. These include ensuring that children attend school punctually, agree that children will participate in all parts of the curriculum, attend parent teacher meetings and support the school’s provision of the student well-being processes. Parents are also to uphold and support MECS in its management of its discipline and dress policies and to understand their financial responsibilities in sending their children to MECS.

Similarly, the school commits to various obligations and undertakings as it seeks to provide Christ-centred schooling at an affordable price to parents who are committed to our vision of seeking the Kingdom of God in education.
Changes to Partnership Agreement
If you are not familiar with our current Parent Agreement, or it is a long time since you had a look at your own copy, it might be worth accessing a copy via our website. There a few updates in relation to Child Safety, email communication with parents and support of our school’s well-being processes. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything you want to discuss in relation to this Agreement, because we will assume all parents are in support of these changes.

As the year quickly draws to a close, we want to thank you for your partnership with us in 2017. Together, we are making a difference in your child’s life and look forward to continuing this God-given task in the coming year.

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