Play Pod comes to MECS

Play Pod comes to MECS

Thursday, 12 December 2013  | Di - Primary School Coordinator

(That’s not just a storage shed in the MECS Creation Garden of the PS!)

At MECS Primary we would like to develop a culture that helps  our students grow, flourish, wonder, have curiosity and strengthen positive friendships and relationships. We desire for play to honour God in the same way our learning does. For a child, play is their ‘work’ and in their capacity as a student and their role as student, their play is part of their service unto the Lord.

We want to provide the opportunity for students to develop in their ability to play well.
We want to give them opportunity to play imaginatively and creatively.
We want them to honour God in their play.
We want them to interact with each other in ways that build community.
We want our students to learn to care for each other during their play and as part of their play.
Healthy and engaging play assists a school to have a culture that is positive and combats negative influences and bullying. Students who engage in healthy, fun, positive talk and play have a better experience of play times than children who are bored and unhappy. Children who are experiencing difficulty at play may be more susceptible to negative influences, and may engage in talk, play or games that are unhealthy, destructive or even violent.

Why a Play Pod?

A Play Pod can provide students with stimulus for creative and imaginative play.
The Play Pod provides opportunity for creative, open ended, collaborative play that enhances our culture of community and encourages positive problem solving and communication.

What is a Play Pod?

A play pod is a shed/container that is equipped with material that students can use for open-ended play. It’s the cream-coloured shed in the Primary garden.

What is in the Play Pod?

Recycled materials including: motorbike and bike tyres, rubber mats, lengths of rubber, barrels, material-shade cloth, netting and other waterproof materials that can be used for make-shift cubbies, poly piping, steering wheels, tubes, crates, plastic crates, boxes, tubs, wooden blocks, poles and cardboard boxes.
What do students do with the junk?
Have a lovely time making up all sorts of  imaginative games, fun and cubbies.
The Primary would like to thank Gerry, Pete, Steve and Independent Schools Victoria (we received a grant to get the Play Pod underway) for helping us establish the Play Pod.

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