Report Card

Report Card

Thursday, 15 June 2017  | Di - Assistant Principal - Primary
“Would make improvement with more effort…”

Do you remember this frequently used line from your own or a family member’s report card? I was recently having a laugh with someone who had come across their old school reports whilst cleaning up and found their report to be frequented by this sentiment. It got me to thinking if this was the right phrase in relation to this person, who is now a very capable adult in their field of expertise, runs their own business and is a loving parent and family member. Could they have tried harder? Perhaps they could have.

Or was it that their gifts and talents weren’t always being recognised and channelled. As the years go by, sometimes people find their rightful place with their natural gifts but that is not always the case. What is the relationship between trying harder or in discovering and celebrating a child’s natural gifts and talents that God has given them?

MECS Primary have been thinking about the way we report to parents. This semester you will see a new report format for the Primary School for Years 1-6 students. One of the things we want to achieve in our report is to celebrate our students and to acknowledge that every student is ‘Wonderfully Created’ and uniquely gifted by God. The layout is designed to have a sense of growth, colour and playfulness, reflective of the joy we see in our children. We have used the icon from our Transformational Education book on the cover to signify the growth of the heart, head and hand. A heart shaped seed, growing to a seedling and ultimately to a strong tree depicts the journey we want our children to undertake in their schooling; to grow into adults of strong hearts and minds, grounded in God.

Psalm 1:
1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers,
2 but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.
3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do prospers.

The report opens with a page entitled, ‘All about [name]’. We believe by dedicating a whole page to reflect on the student, we are able to more fully celebrate strengths, challenge areas to grow, and speak the truth with love. It will enable us to focus on a student’s gifts and abilities, and give a more holistic picture of how they are going at school. By being clear about the next steps in the learning journey, parents and students are given a specific focus for growth. There are now only a few precise goals replacing generic goals for every subject.

A new section of the report is entitled ‘Student Faithfulness’. This section tells you about your child’s attitudes and their faithfulness to their task as a learner and student. In meeting our government requirements, the second part of the report clearly sets out your child’s achievements in a five point grading system against the Victorian Curriculum Standards. This is the biggest area of change. The report no longer uses the 5-point scale of H (Highly Capable), D (Demonstrates Sound Understanding), R (Reasonable Understanding), E (Experiencing Difficulty) or S (Struggles Excessively); but instead uses the following criteria.

Beginning         Below year level standard
Consolidating   Working toward year level standard
Established      At year level standard
Extending         Above year level standard
Exceeding        Well above year level standard

These words reflect the bell curve of achievement and give a positive sense that each student is on their own forward moving learning journey.

MECS Primary have a systematic and consistent process for assessing our students alongside the Victorian Curriculum using a range of teacher assessment, standardised assessment, tests and moderated work samples that are then plotted alongside the achievement standards of the Victorian Curriculum. The aim is to remove ambiguity and give you a good sense of the learning journey. There may be some differences to results due to this more specific reporting process, rather than the generalised learning outcomes of the past. Some students who are funded for a disability may have a modified report to reflect their achievements against their Individual Education Program (IEP). These reports may not be graded alongside the Victorian Curriculum expected standards for their age or year level in all areas. This is in keeping with MECS’ nurturing of diversity.

At MECS, we value many ways to acknowledge and celebrate our students. This happens through our Get Togethers (GTs), certificates, special events, published works and community events. Parent Teacher Meetings and this report form part of the rich picture of the learner. We recommend this report and hope it will give a more well-rounded picture of each child’s learning journey.

The Secondary School are also considering their report in relation to the Victorian Curriculum. The Secondary report remains unchanged for this round but watch this space to see how things unfold. 

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