Rubbish In, Rubbish Out

Rubbish In, Rubbish Out

Thursday, 24 November 2016  | Di - Assistant Principal - Primary
The curved bay of pristine ultra marine blue water opens out in front of you. Mountains reach down to touch the coast and kiss the sand. Seabirds dart low across their landing strip; the grime of the city is washed away and your heart responds to the beauty of God’s creation.
    Sealer’s Cove Wilsons Promontory National Park; a beautiful, natural haven.

Have you been to a National Park recently?

We love nothing more as a family than to get out in the great outdoors and connect with nature and enjoy the bush and coast.

How beautiful is Australia; and what a wonderful resource we have in these designated places for conservation, recreation and preservation of habitat for flora and fauna.

National Parks Victoria has as its motto, ‘Healthy Parks, Healthy People’ - encouraging people to get outdoors and enjoy. “Getting out into the fresh air is good for body and soul; so choose your destination and go.” Healthy environments and healthy people go together so well. When we learn to look after our environment and care for it, and we look after our own bodies - keeping active and eating well, then our soul is nourished and our environment is cared for.

You may have noticed if you have been to a National Park recently that there are no longer any rubbish bins. Whatever rubbish you bring in to the park, you must also take out with you: rubbish in; rubbish out! This is part of a strategy to encourage people to be aware of the rubbish they are creating, minimise it and actively care for the environment. It is not because Parks Victoria are unwilling to deal with the rubbish generated. Rather, it’s so money can be channelled directly into preserving habitats, maintaining parks and improving the facilities available.

MECS Primary also values and loves the beautiful environment God has given us.  We feel that our school is just like a National Park. We want to learn more about how to preserve and conserve it. We also value the children and families that come to our school and want the children to learn how to look after their environment and also care for their own bodies, getting the right exercise and forming good eating habits that will sustain them for life.

This is why as of the start of the 2017 school year, MECS Primary will be just like a National Park, rubbish in – rubbish out.

Children will be encouraged to have rubbish free lunches, encouraged to enjoy healthy eating and we will no longer allow any rubbish or wrappers to be disposed of at school. Students will need to bring home their wrappers and rubbish in their lunch box. This will heighten awareness of what is being eaten, hopefully promoting healthier eating and minimising the impact on the environment. In practical terms, this will mean students will be encouraged to have small containers within lunch boxes with healthy options rather than food wrapped in plastic wraps and highly processed packaged foods with high sugar content. We know as educators that healthy eating does impact learning. High sugar content foods cause distraction in students and the more sustainable and healthier options help learners to concentrate and give their best at school both academically and behaviourally. Healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy environment all go together and bring honour to God and, in turn, we are better stewards of the world he has given us to care for.

The Primary teachers will be helping students to think more carefully about what is in their lunch boxes and will be overseeing the going home of any rubbish. There are some really excited parents who are keen to assist us in helping our kids eat better, learn better and look after our environment. There are also many excited students who have been brainstorming how we can better care for our ‘National Park’ MECS.

If you want to find out more about healthy eating and healthy lunch ideas visit… or or

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