Strong Hearts Strong Minds

Strong Hearts Strong Minds

Thursday, 1 March 2018  | Di - Assistant Principal - Primary

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What does it mean for our students to be developing ‘Strong Hearts and Strong Minds’? Our students are growing up in a complex and rapidly changing world. It is a world where they are confronted by many pressing issues which we would rather young children did not have to contend with. At every turn they are pressured by advertising, materialism and overexposure to media and the Internet. We are all under increasing stress. For some there is a general pervasion of hopelessness where they find themselves feeling isolated and alone. This loss of hope and belonging impacts us all.

With this postmodern backdrop in mind, we as Christian educators want to assist our students to know who they are and where they fit. We want our students to grow up being able to make wise choices when they are confronted with the myriad of possibilities. We want them to know who their God is and be able to stay standing when the pressures come.

Over recent years I have become more and more passionate about this. It is tough for our kids as they finish school and head out into the world. Our students need to have strong hearts. They need to understand and have emotional intelligence. They need to know what it is to care and love. They need to know that they are fearfully and awesomely made by a God who loves them just the way they are. They are worthwhile, and their lives are precious. This intrinsic value is important for students to grasp in order to combat a sense of hopelessness and inadequacy.

Jeremiah 29 v 11: ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’

For our students, to have a strong heart is to know deep down inside that they are loved by the one who created the universe. They learn how to relate in meaningful and considerate ways to each other. They belong to a community that has hope in a wonderful and loving God who is sovereign over this broken world, who will one day restore it to rightness and to its intended beauty.

So at MECS Primary we are passionate that our students learn that belonging brings responsibilities to love, care and encourage each other. It brings responsibilities to act appropriately with each other and acknowledge respectfully that each of us is made in our God’s amazing image. A strong heart combats hopelessness, isolation and individuality. It leads to healing, wholeness and belonging. It is resilient when tough times come, because we know they will. Families will hurt and suffer. We know that our students will have to face loss and pain because this is part of living in this fallen world. We pray that they can face this with a strong heart and know that God is with them and they are part of a healthy and hopeful community that encourages them on this journey of life.

We greatly desire that our students also develop strong minds that are capable and flexible, that can confidently question and think through issues. We acknowledge that we are all different with our own unique gifts and abilities. To have a strong mind is to have thinking skills that can weigh up positives and negatives. It is to be an active learner who strives to understand to the best of their ability what is being explored. A strong mind will have wisdom as its basis. A strong mind will help them hold on to God when philosophies, ideologies and challenges come. If our students have firm skills in literacy and numeracy they will have skills to write, read, question and think about the world they live in. They will also have what they need to find joy in learning and see God’s beauty in creation and take their place as responsible and caring individuals within the community here and within the wider world. We pray that our students will be a part of bringing hope to the world through their learning and through their chosen paths. Now when you hear that MECS Primary students and staff have ‘Strong hearts and Strong Minds’, you will have an idea what this means and how our key words are important in establishing our sense of identity, community and belonging as a place of learning and hope.


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