The Why of ReConnect

The Why of ReConnect

Thursday, 1 May 2014  | Narelle - MECS Principal
con·nec·tion noun \kə-ˈnek-shən\
: something that joins or connects two or more things
: the act of connecting two or more things or the state of being connected
: a situation in which two or more things have the same cause, origin, goal, etc.

re- prefix
: again
: back to an original place, condition, etc.

When I was introduced to our bi-annual newsletter, ‘ReConnect’, some questions came to my mind: What is it that makes us want to ‘connect’ to the current MECS community, or to bother RE-connecting with a past community? What is the ‘something’ that joins us together? What is the cause or goal that we have in common? Why would past families and individuals want to stay connected to this place? As part of my orientation as the new Principal, I set myself the task to read the last two years’ worth of MECS Matters and ReConnects. They certainly gave me a ‘window-in’ to the MECS community and what is valued and talked about in this place. I enjoyed reminiscing over old times as I read through the ReConnect, enjoying photos and snippets of past students and colleagues. It was great to read how many families have now been involved in the life of the school over two generations. But I was intrigued…there must be more than just happy memories that keeps families committed to this school for over 40 years.

So what’s the ‘something’ that makes MECS so special? I found some of the answers articulated in our ‘Focus on MECS’ booklet which describes some of the key elements of MECS.

Working Together – In a culture that encourages us to be constant consumers, we invite families to share a vision and partner with us in a common purpose, that is, to seek the Kingdom of God in all aspects of education. If parents felt they were only buying a service, I wonder whether they would feel so connected. The connection is there because parents and families own, subscribe and engage with the vision of the school.

Equipping for Life – In a culture that values productivity over all else, the purpose of education can sometimes be distorted. At MECS, the purpose of education is not so our students can compete on the world market, but become disciples of Christ. As we develop the unique gifts and talents of each student they begin to see how God might use them for His purposes in bringing about His Kingdom.

Distinctively MECS – In a culture that promotes uniformity and standardisation, MECS is well known for its distinct approach to the way it does school. From an integral approach, to the way we see knowledge, to the way we cluster our students  in ‘multi-age’ groupings, right through to the ‘perspective’ subjects we insist on  for our senior classes; we are seeking to have a school-based curriculum which gives us the opportunity to be faithful to a Christian approach to education.

Learning Environment – In a culture that breeds cynicism, we are proud of the fact that our students love their school. From Kindergarten to Senior School, each section has its own unique space which is suited to the age and learning of that cohort, while still experiencing a sense of belonging within the one school.
Each of these elements help us to identify why families and individuals are so connected to MECS, or indeed want to re-connect with our community even when their time at MECS is finished! It’s more than just happy memories, isn’t it?  MECS is a place where each individual is valued as being part of God’s family and the learning that happens here helps them to make a difference in the world. 

We deeply value these connections! It’s at the heart of who we are and what God has called us to be! I look forward to connecting (or re-connecting!) with many of you over the months and years to come. Feel free to stop by for a chat or send me an email if there are things you would like to share. Similarly, if you are an ex-student and would like to pop in and see how MECS has grown and developed over the years, I would love to show you around!

Let’s never take for granted the connections we enjoy because of being connected to the one who holds all things together, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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