Year 12 Celebration Day

Year 12 Celebration Day

Thursday, 30 October 2014  | Sharon - Year 12 Coordinator
It’s Celebration Day…no it’s Muck-Up Day. A compromise? It’s ‘Muckeration’ Day!
For the Year 12s, the last week of school is really a strange time, because it comprises a whole variety of emotions, from a sense of relief to one of sadness. Many students have been at MECS right from the beginning of their schooling, so for them in particular this time of transition is a whole new adventure.

Over the years we have established a number of special traditions for the Year 12s in order to honour and celebrate with them. On their last day of classes a special morning tea is held where teachers from the Primary and Middle school have a chance to reflect on special times and events; this year’s reflections included John’s memorable quote given on entering the state library – ‘You can just smell the punctuation’. At the conclusion of the day the Year 12s transform the SS in accordance with their Celebration Day theme. The theme this year was movies, where a number of classrooms were set up accordingly.

The following day, officially known as Celebration Day to at least one staff member, comprises a cooked breakfast, a visit to the SS from the rest of the school, a visit down to the Middle and Primary school by the 12s, another yummy morning tea, a Year 12 led whole school assembly (this year complete with a music clip and insights on how to transition from boyhood to manhood on the Centre Trip), a staff/student volleyball game that somehow results in a water fight and a special lunch in the main staffroom, where the SS staff and students reflect on the final years of schooling at MECS. The fact that the students were still saying good-bye to each other long after the lunch concluded demonstrates the very strong bond between these particular students.

We sincerely thank all the Year 12s on making their last school day so memorable and for all the right reasons. The Senior School really felt like a mini carnival had come to town. We want to wish our 12s all the best with the final days leading up to their exams. We pray that God might grant them peace and insight into his infinite love for them both now and always.

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