About MECS

Our History

A Brief History

1964 Association of Parents for Christian Education formed
1973 School Opened, Foundation – Year 6, 80 students. (Grew to 160 that year)
1974 Established Form 1
1976 Expanded to Form 3. Library Planned
1979 Senior School Theatrette Opened
1983 Primary School Staffroom and Senior Secondary School
1986 Ringwood Secondary School used the MECS grounds
1990 Library, Understorey/sports-room, Senior Primary classrooms, Senior School and a Middle School Media Centre built.

The school was established by the Association of Parents for Christian Education, a local group formed in 1964. Mount Evelyn Christian Primary School (as it was then called) held its opening ceremony on 3 February 1973. The opening of the school was the realisation of a dream for the parents who saw the need for a Christian school nine years earlier.

Fifteen acres of natural bushland, situated on the corner of York and Hawkins Roads provided an ideal setting. Classes at the school ranged from Prep (now called Foundation) to Year 6 with the 80 children being taught in three composite groups by three teachers. During the first year enrolments grew to 160 children, and as a result, the Board began planning for a Form One secondary class, to commence in February 1974. This decision met with parental enthusiasm and it was planned that the school would extend to Form Three by 1976.

1976 saw plans for a proposed Primary School Library being approved - construction was later accomplished. In 1979, a lecture theatre (the theatrette in the Senior Secondary School) was planned and approved. This was to be used for assemblies (both junior and senior), all school gatherings and as a wet weather facility for sporting activities.

In 1978, approval was given for an extension to the Junior School staff-room. Along with the extension of the staff-room, a Senior Secondary School was also planned. The Senior School was built in 1978 and opened in 1979. 5 years later, the school saw the need for a Transition Education Centre for Year 10 students. In 1986 the school also acquired the students and the facilities of the Ringwood Christian School that had been operating temporarily on the MECS grounds.

A further building phase in the 1990's saw a new Library and understorey/sports-room, Senior Primary classrooms, a Senior School Complex and a Middle School Media Centre built. Current plans are being put in place by the Infrastructure Committee to add further buildings to support our innovative curriculum after the combined Science and Physic Centre is completed.

The people (teachers, students, parents) who make up our Christian school are quite diverse. The school is non-denominational in that people from many Churches including Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Uniting, Reformed, Church of Christ, Vineyard and community Churches have all joined together in a common educational task.

As Christians, we have responsibilities in creation and as a community for training ourselves to cope with an increasingly complex society. MECS seeks to equip its students to take their places in society as responsible Christians.

The Christian foundation of our school is just as applicable today as it was when it was first conceived.