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Principal Narelle Sketcher, Assistant Principal - Secondary Karissa Esselbrugge, Assistant Principal Primary Di Emery, Administration Manager Gerry Beimers

Thanks for visiting our website – I hope it’s given you a great glimpse of who we are as a learning community. Elsewhere on this site you have probably come across our mission statement,

“We provide parent-governed, Christ-centred schooling with learning experiences that challenge each student to actively live for God in His world, while partnering with Christian parents in the nurture of their children at a price affordable to those who are committed.”

Hopefully this gives you the clues about what makes MECS different from other schools you may have encountered.

We recognise that ultimately parents have the God-given responsibility to educate and nurture their children. That’s why we take parent partnership so seriously and why our school is governed by a group of parents who are dedicated to this vision and model. Back in 1973 MECS was established by a group of passionate and committed parents who wanted to ensure that their children would be educated in a way that honoured and supported the way they were seeking to raise their children at home – with God and His kingdom front and centre!

We strive to be a school that provides all our students – each wonderfully and uniquely made in God’s image with different gifts and abilities – an education that challenges them to live for God, not themselves; to see education as the pathway to service, not a pathway to secular success as defined by the world. That’s not to say that we under value excellence, rather, we want our students to see that true success comes in offering all that they have to the service of God and His kingdom.

We are committed to ensuring that our fees remain within the reach of all families who deeply desire to partner with us. We believe we’ve found the right balance between providing quality programs and facilities while remaining affordable for those committed.

Please come and visit us! Come and explore our beautiful bush setting, welcoming community, amazing, committed staff and distinctive curriculum. We know you’ll notice something different about us! We’d love to chat with you about partnering with us, and show you around our school.

Narelle Sketcher, Principal
Gerry Beimers, Karissa Esselbrugge, Narelle Sketcher and Di Emery, Executive 2017