2019 Annual Tuition Fees Per Family

MECS fees cover all camps and excursions – you will not be charged any additional levies. Additional costs apply for sports tops, stationery, a small number of textbooks in secondary and optional items such as private instrumental music lessons, optional VET courses in the Senior School and the bus service.
Early Years
Playgroup 2-5 years (per family) $45/Term
3 Yr.old Kindergarten (5hrs pw) $1,920.00
4 Yr.Old Kindergarten (16.25hrs pw) $2,320.00
Primary (Foundation - Year 6)
Foundation $3,798.00
Primary First Child $6,330.00
Primary Second Child $4,747.50
Primary Third + Child/ren $3,798.00
Middle School (Years 7-9)
Middle School First Child $8,380.00
Middle School Second Child $6,285.00
Middle School Third + Child/ren $5,028.00
Senior School (Years 10-12)
Senior School First Child $9,370.00
Senior School Second Child $7,027.50
Senior School Third Child $5,622.00

Maximum Fees for Foundation - Year 12 families is $17,590 p.a. (Excluding Kindergarten. Kindergarten fees are not included in the maximum fee amount)

Fees include camps and excursions. There are no additional levies.

There is 4% discount if all fees are paid by the end of Feb.
There is 2.5% discount if half fees are paid by the end of Feb and half by the end of July.

The approved fee schedule is based on 3.5% fee increase over 2018 fees. However, our three year old kindergarten fee has a greater increase because the hours per week will increase from 5 ½ to 6 hours per week.

Fees for the following year are determined by the MECS Board in October of each year. Fees generally increase with the Education Price Index, approximately 5% p.a.

Family Bond
Families that are new to MECS are required to pay this $500 Family Bond. This bond will be completely refunded to parents if there are no fees outstanding at the time of leaving and if the students have been at MECS for three or more years.

For online payments, our account details are as follows:
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633-000 ACC: 142037209
NAME: Assoc. for Christian Ed Mt Evelyn
(If paying online, it is important that you place your school account number in the
reference box so that we know who to allocate the deposit to.)