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Mount Evelyn Christian School has a dress policy that does not include uniforms. We believe this affirms each child's uniqueness and encourages them to learn responsibility over their choice of clothing. This should not be confused with "free dress" as we have dress guidelines for students to adhere to. We have a range of schoolwear items available to purchase online that parents and children may use as an option. These include, hats, sports T-shirts, bomber jackets, soft shell jackets, shorts, skorts and leggings.

It is compulsory for all students to purchase a MECS broad-brimmed hat. These are the only items that can be purchased directly from the Main office. 

For students in Foundation to Year 10, it is compulsory to wear a green MECS Sports T-Shirt for PE, interschool sport and excursions (this T-shirt is to be worn over plain black shorts, skorts or leggings for sport). 
Students are encouraged to dress in the colour of their tribe for tribal sports days. All other schoolwear items are optional.

Schoolwear items must be purchased online at Once the Main office has received your order confirmation, your schoolwear items will be sent to your child’s classroom.

For instructions on how to order, please click below.
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