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Mecs Kindergarten
Our Kindergarten Mission
We provide a holistic, Christ-centred Early Years Program shaped by teacher-guided, explorative, play-based learning experiences, to establish a rich foundation for school.

The MECS Kindergarten Opened in 2013

The Kindergarten has 2 classrooms (catering for both 3 year old and 4 year old programs) and a dedicated play area, both designed by an architect and based on the latest research into young childrens’ learning and play space design. The building and play area is located close to the current Foundation rooms.

What we value

The MECS Kindergarten is an exciting extension of Christian education for young families. The MECS Kindergarten recognises that God has made us to have meaningful relationships with others. We value the important place that Early Years’ educators have in young children’s lives. We value the development of close relationships between staff, parents and children. We value building a special Kindergarten community where young children will feel safe, secure, respected and loved.

The MECS Kindergarten is a unique place built and shaped for the growth and development of 3 and 4 year olds. We value beautiful, natural and inspiring learning spaces that stimulate the growth and development of children’s interests and imagination. We value a program that is full of opportunities for learning through exploration and discovery. We value children developing a strong sense of wonder and curiosity about the world they live in. We value an unhurried approach for immersion in projects and play experiences. We value a relaxed atmosphere where children have time to just ‘be me’.

MECS Kindergarten – lots to value.

Introduction to the Kindergarten

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