Extra Activities


In senior drama this year, the ensemble performances were based on the subject matter of fire, flood and drought. We began work on this topic in orientation, not knowing that disastrous floods were about to beset parts of Australia! Students were able to draw on this event and other natural disasters in Australia’s past to create some powerful drama.

VCE Drama students also created their own solo performances which they presented for family and friends in October; the Unit 4s undertaking the performance examination a few days later. Unit 2 students presented solo performances based on Australian heroes while the Unit 4’s presented characters form the VCAA list. Our students brought to life the sassy cartoon strip character, Modestly Blaise, a washing machine, an image obsessed Sheriff of Nottingham, a zombie fighting Elizabeth Bennett and The Diva, an opera singer who couldn’t sing!

As well as lots of creating and performing, the students experienced live theatre, seeing plays such as the bizarre ‘Beneath the Floorboards’, the moving ‘The Soul Miner’ and the hilarious ‘Australia! The Show’!

But that’s not all! Year 9 Drama students experimented with masks and mime and created radio plays and fairytale performances. Music and Drama students in Thursday afternoon Performing Arts also joined forces in ‘Four Funerals and a Wedding’ (written by Marlene Magee), a mini musical whodunnit based on Romeo and Juliet.
What a year! Ah, there’s no business like show business!