Extra Activities


Instrumental Music

More students than ever before enrolled for Instrumental Music. It’s fantastic! There’s a real enthusiasm among students and Instrumental Specialists. Our hope is that everyone will feel that enthusiasm and take the opportunity to try an instrument at MECS. Our instrumental rooms really are the place to be for musical expression and creativity - classical, songwriting, popular hits and Christian music for worship.

This year our students have been blessed by the guidance of our many caring and committed Instrumental Specialists.

Instruments Taught

Piano, Keyboard, Singing - Classical and Contemporary, Flute, Violin and Viola, Guitar (Electric and Acoustic and Classical), Bass Guitar, Mandolin and Ukulele.

Music Performance

Music is a significant part of our school culture at MECS. We have many students enrolled for Instrumental Tuition and we are developing a performance culture throughout the school. Our Recital evenings are over-flowing with enthusiastic and willing performers! Over the last few years we have tried different formats to accommodate our growing numbers.

Each year we have great recitals showcasing our talented students from our Primary School and Secondary School (7-12).These Recitals are an opportunity for students to perform individually or in ensembles and bands. They provide an incentive for students to practice and prepare pieces to share with family, friends and peers, and it is a practical way to demonstrate their learning.

In addition to this, students are invited to provide background music or items at major school events, such as our Open Day, New Parents Dinner, MECS Ball, Year 12 Graduation, Grade 6 Graduation and School Assemblies. It is wonderful that each event has received great support and encouragement from the school community.