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Social Skills Drama Program

Social Skills Drama Program

Social Skills Drama is a program that uses drama games and role play to teach social skills and self-confidence in a safe and creative small group environment (4 or 5 students), and has been offered at MECS for the past 12 years. Choice Learning and Social Lights provide the program to MECS.  Parents, teachers and students themselves anecdotally report a significant improvement in social skills, behaviour management and confidence. A research partnership with Latrobe University has recently confirmed these reports.

Each session consists of three main components that assist students in addressing the above aspects: conversation skills; non-verbal cues and role plays.  Through this program, students are provided with skills to successfully manage a number of everyday situations, including:-

  • conflict
  • meeting new people
  • friendly conversations
  • anxiety
  • losing at games
  • sharing and taking turns
  • appropriate skills for the workplace (for senior students)
  • identifying and expressing emotions

Students who have previously participated, benefit from the ongoing nature of the program. Generally programs run for 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the school term program with camps and other activities. The program is offered to Primary School students and Middle School students at a cost of around $275 per semester.

MECS recognises the positive impact of Drama for Everyday Life, and has subsidised the program for a number of years.  

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