Primary School (Yr F-6)

Junior Primary

Junior Primary

Junior Primary students are moving toward independence in both their learning and friendships/social skills. Students are continuing to consolidate fundamental literacy and numeracy skills as well as their ability to work with others. Considerable emphasis is given to ensuring that every student gets underway with reading, writing and numeracy skills.

JP Numeracy aims to develop independent learners through structured learning opportunities. There is a focus on the introduction and consolidation of foundational mathematical understandings through the Maths 5 program. Maths 5 involves Maths with Someone, Maths with Self, Maths Work, Paper Maths & Maths Technology (iPads & Mathletics). Teachers work with students individually or in small groups. The Maths 5 program gives every child the opportunity to work at their own level, recognising there is a wide range of ability levels and understandings in a Junior Primary class. Some children are ready to take on complex mathematical ideas and others need to consolidate foundational concepts. There is a focus on the use of materials and resources to develop understandings of place value and number processes. Teachers use a FAST board to make the learning focus clear.

FAST stands for:
Fast Facts
Accurate Answers
Strategies, Skills & Script
Thinking & Technology

Core Studies

The topics explored at this level reflect a growing awareness of others. Some wonderful connections are made as students see that the world is a rich and diverse place. The students spend time discovering ‘what’s outside my window’ as they explore Earth and sky, Minibeasts, Animals and Water.  In the unit ‘Children of the World’ students are immersed in an exploration of the world’s languages and cultures and in particular, learn about our neighbors in Cambodia, Asia and Africa. Students participate in a special project to create books for Cambodian children and to support a sister school in Uganda.

Children are a unique gift from God.  In Junior Primary, we strive to see students develop in a positive and nurturing environment. They are encouraged to grow towards independence and to become capable of looking after themselves, their possessions and to persevere in their completion of tasks. They are discovering their gifts, talents and their individuality within the group setting.  Positive social skills are encouraged through group work, cooperative play and in respecting and caring for each other in the classroom and the playground.

Education has changed substantially since many of us have attended school.  As such, we thought it might be useful to walk you through a typical school day for a JP student.

A day in the life of a JP student

8.50 am: Our days always start and end in prayer as we thank God for his wonderful blessings and ask Him to help guide us throughout the day. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their faith as they seek the Lord in prayer time and deepen their understanding through careful study of The Bible.

9.00 am:  We begin Literacy Groups with a whole class reading focus that is often related to our Core Studies topic at that time.  Students make predictions, pose questions, summarise, draw upon their prior knowledge and visually represent their understanding of the text throughout the week.  During the Literacy block, students have many opportunities to develop into fluent readers, writers, speakers and listeners. Reading is encouraged and nurtured through shared and guided reading with the teacher, take home books, individual reading, reading responses, and through the library program. We regularly share our fabulous Literacy work with one another, celebrate the improvements we have made, and set new goals for the future. 

10.00 am:  Writing in Junior Primary is all about keeping a child engaged and enthusiastic, whilst developing new skills. There are many different writing genres and we usually address recount, narrative, procedural, persuasive, information reports and poetry as part of a focussed unit. This allows us to build upon new skills that befit each genre. Writing experiences incorporate spelling, handwriting and the development of writing skills, including grammar and punctuation. Our students are proud of their written pieces and have numerous opportunities to share their pieces to the class.

11.30 am:  During Numeracy sessions we give students lots of practise at developing their place value awareness and knowledge of numbers up to and beyond 1000. We play interactive games to reinforce their skills at applying various operations and relate Maths to everyday situations.  

12.50 pm:  Lunchtime!  There are lots of exciting things to do with one another at MECS. Students love to be given the opportunity to explore the Creation Garden, collecting the eggs from the chickens, pick strawberries from the veggie patch and water the plants. Some students love to visit our amazingly well resourced library to borrow books. Others play in our River Garden, sandpit or on the huge climbing frame known as ‘The Redback’. Of course, many students also use the time to play various games on the basketball court, oval or downball courts.

1.50 pm:  During the afternoon we often have Core Studies sessions where we research a particular thematic topic in depth. Core Studies is a fabulous opportunity to work closely in a team environment whilst developing different strengths. We use various Multiple Intelligences and De Bono’s Thinking Hats to unpack and research a topic in detail.

3.15 pm:  Before home time we once again close in prayer as we thank God and celebrate all the incredible things we have done.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in what is a fun and motivating day. Over the course of a typical week students in Junior Primary may also be involved in Art, Core Studies, Library lessons, Drama For Life, Physical Education, Music, Scripture, Assembly, Primary section Get Togethers in addition to various excursions and incursions. While it is busy, it is always pleasing to see students arrive and leave with huge smiles!