Primary School (Yr F-6)

Middle Primary

Middle Primary

Middle Primary is a great place to be - a place of humour and fun where students are able to display their growing capabilities. MP children are well underway with their learning, and display independence in their abilities to read and write. They enjoy exploring their topics in depth and presenting their work in a range of ways.

There is a strong focus on peer mentoring and buddy learning in Middle Primary. In the numeracy program, student’s individual mathematical strengths are utilised to share the learning journey. At times students will find themselves being the teacher. There is an emphasis on developing and building confidence and genuine understanding. This is demonstrated when a student can not only answer questions but explain how they got the answer and how they worked out the problem.

Students work in their classes in a range of rotations of activities that utilise individual skill practise, paired games and maths technology.
These short rotations are interspersed with short teaching bursts by the teachers. This gives the teacher opportunity to work with focus groups or individuals on either consolidating or extending them.

Middle Primary Numeracy strives to celebrate a student’s progress, not their level of attainment.
Hands on learning and role plays help generate real life applications of maths such as them being shop owner, balancing income to expenses or designing maths games for older or younger students.

Assessment plays a key role in working out what a student knows and what they need to know and learn.

In Core Studies, during the ‘Explorers’ unit the students head off site for a wonderful bush experience. They build shelters and experience the hardship of an explorer’s life before returning to school to put up tents, create fires, cook damper and have a bush tea. They investigate Australia and various cultural celebrations from around the world, and get out to explore the airport in the Flight unit.

Middle Primary is also a time of focus on social skills with the ‘Kids with Courage’ program in Year 4.

Kids with Courage

Our Year 4 students do ‘Kids with Courage’ program. The students enjoy a fantastic time together.

During the course students talk about what it means to be a child of God made in His image but living in this broken world where sin impacts us at every turn. Children are able to hand over to God the hard stuff, the sad stuff, ask forgiveness, seek forgiveness and wholeness and let go of unforgiveness toward others. We learn practical ways to deal with every day situations where anger, fear, anxiety and pain are evident. We share our worries and learn how our loving God wants to walk with us and not have us live in fear. We have some very moving moments during our time together, including sharing the journey of grief, from the loss of grandparents and friends, to the loss of loved pets. Each week we pray heartfelt prayers together and ask for God’s touch. Students learn about boundaries and keeping safe because not everyone they encounter is trustworthy and as they move toward independence they need to know practical ways to manage and be safe.

It is significant that we do this program just before our Year 4s become Senior Primary students and become that little bit more independent.