Primary School (Yr F-6)

Senior Primary

Senior Primary - Taking The Lead

In Senior Primary at MECS, the students are encouraged to be role models and are given many opportunities to be just that. Many of the Senior Primary students assist in the Primary school in various ways: a Task Force team, Caring team, Welcoming team and a leadership group called M.E.L.T (MECS Educational Leadership Team). These students are an integral part of planning and assisting the running of special events such as Grandparents and Special Friends Day and whole school assemblies and other special events and service opportunities. Our very own Primary school ‘superhero’ Captain Caring, is a Senior Primary creation and is played by a variety of Senior Primary students. ‘Captain Caring’ always makes an appearance at the Cross Country event and leads the way for the Foundation students’s race. Our Buddies program, which involves Year 6s and Foundation students, is always a highlight of the year for both the ‘big buddies’ and the ‘little buddies’. Year 5s have an opportunity to be buddies with the children in the Kindergarten.

The Senior Primary students explore Japan, Antarctica, Space, Ancient times and Space, as well as an in-depth exploration of Australia and its history. They plan imaginary trips to Japan to attend various cultural events and landmarks; create a ‘Space expo’, dress up as an ancient times character and appear on ‘SP TV’. The curriculum is diverse, hands on and exciting!

The Senior Primary teachers aim to cater for all abilities and learning styles. There is a strong focus on interactive materials, hands on learning, as well as getting outside and seeing Maths in action around the school property. 

Positive Boys

Tthe Positive Boys program run with our Year 6 boys has become one of the highlights on the calendar. The Year 6 boys work together in groups to build billy carts. The boys experience working with other people and a chance to make new friendship circles.
On the last Friday of the term all the hard work is put to use with our Race day. The Year 6 boys gather in ‘pit lane’ for a race briefing and some last minute team decisions. After a wander round the track and some more last minute team decisions, it is time to race!
Another highlight of the program is the Oasis day. We spend a full day at Oasis campsite participating in a series of challenges and activities. It is awesome to watch the boys challenge themselves to try something new or something that might be out of their comfort zone.
The Positive Boys program also involves guest speakers and group activities centered around what it means to be a boy that is 'positive'.

Empowering Girls

The Empowering Girls program for our Year 6 girls is about helping girls deal with social interactions with each other. We explore things such as cliques, understanding how we communicate with each other and breaking down power situations. The program begins with a mother information night. We then have five sessions with the girls. The sessions look at topics such as how to deal with conflict, friendships and popularity. The program concludes with a special Mother Daughter evening, where mothers and daughters affirm each other and celebrate being a girl.


Year 6 students have the opportunity to buy a class ‘Hoodie’ as a momento of their last year of Primary School. The Hoodies have all the Year 6 students’ and teachers’ names on the back. After the launch ‘Hoodie Party’ they are worn with pride around the school!
Senior Primary is the time when the students undertake the Empowering Girls and Positive Boys programs. We are very proud of our Senior Primaries in the way in which they take on the challenge to be leaders, from small to large-scale happenings, and continually seek and develop new ways in which we encourage and equip our students to ‘take the lead’.

Transition to Middle School

During Term 4, Year 6s undertake a transition unit called ‘The Next Step’.  We take a look back over their Primary years and introduce them to the Year 7 program, providing the opportunity to ask questions, discuss fears and expectations, and explore ways that they could deal with these in positive ways. The students meet the Year 7 teachers in a variety of formal and informal events, including a Middle School Information Evening for both parents and students. The unit culminates in a Graduation Ceremony, where the completion of the primary years are acknowledged and celebrated. Although at MECS the students physically only move ‘up the stairs’ to the Middle School, it is an extremely significant milestone to put the primary years behind and move into secondary school, and we commemorate this occasion with all the Year 6s and their families.

SP Curriculum

Senior Primary Core studies topics:

Even Year  Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

‘This Land is ours ‘ (Aboriginal Australia)

‘This Land is ours ‘

(Colonial Australia and the Gold Rush; including camp)


(Indigenous and White Australia)


Year 5


Year 6

‘The Next Step’ (Graduation/preparation for Secondary school)

Odd Year  Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

‘Trees and Forests’

(including camp)


‘Ancient Times’

(Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt)

Year 5


Year 6

‘The Next Step’ (Graduation/preparation for Secondary school)


Senior Primaries follow ‘The Daily Five’ and ‘CAFE’ programs, a holistic approach to teaching Reading and writing.

We also engage in ‘Modelled reading and modelled writing session where children are modelled and guided through the steps of writing in different genres and reading comprehension skills.

Students are taught punctuation and grammar skills.

Each term we study a picture story book author who writes for older children.

Every even year we do a poetry unit which involves a poetry incursion with a performance poet and publication of the children’s’ own poetry folio.

Various speaking and listening activities are part of our Literacy program.

Our spelling program is the ‘Soundwaves’ program, which is based on a phonemic approach to spelling.

All of our Literacy program is in line with the AUSvels requirements.


For numeracy SP students are assessed and grouped according to their learning needs and their prior knowledge of a topic. Each term one of the foundation areas of addition/subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions is focussed on. Students are pre-tested and then grouped so that the teaching will be at their level and will give them the maximum benefit of targeted teaching for them to gain mastery over that area. Twice a week students meet in these groups. The groups are fluid and change depending on the student needs. During the other two weekly numeracy sessions, students remain with their class teacher and work on all other aspects of the numeracy curriculum, with links made to the focus topic wherever possible.


Art involves two aspects – practical creating of Art and Art appreciation.

‘Friday Morning Program’:

Students rotate through the following subjects, one subject per term:

Science, Scripture, Information Literacy/ICT, Primary performance (odd year) or special project (Design and textiles, Geography or individual project).

Circle Time/Social skills:

See information in general Primary outline.

PE and Music (Specialist teachers):

PE & Sporting Overview

Music Overview


Sport is in addition to PE, and is held every Friday afternoon for two periods. Sport includes a five week swimming program, where students have five 45 minute swimming lessons.