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Senior School (Yr 10-12)

The Senior School caters for Years 10 - 12

Senior School Handbook

Senior School Camping Program

Senior School Policies and Procedures Handbook

Culture of the Senior School

The culture of the Senior School seeks to reflect the increasing independence and maturity of students as they face their final years of schooling. In many ways the Senior School culture is more adult in that students are given more responsibility for their own learning and greater freedom in certain areas. Staff guide them in their decisions, encouraging them to make good life choices. The Senior School provides students with a sense of belonging and recognises that each person is wonderfully created by God, each with individual strengths and abilities that are valuable, worthy of development and specifically given by Him. The MECS Senior School meets the educational demands of society from a distinctively Christian perspective, and more importantly leads students towards a deeper religious insight of their calling in God’s world.

In the Senior School at MECS, we use the motto ‘Faithful Learning, Faithful Living’ to try and encapsulate the educational approach we strive for. Faithful learning invites students to take seriously their commitment to the educational task before them. This isn’t something to be measured merely in the attainment of pleasing marks. It even goes deeper than the common encouragement to “do your best”. It speaks of an ongoing, deep commitment to take up the mantle of learning with responsible and thoughtful application of the resources available to us, be they academic capability, artistic flair, sporting prowess, mental discipline, or social discernment. Faithful living is deeply intertwined with the notion of faithful learning, but it seeks to encourage the broader outworking of faith in the day-to-day experience of schooling (and beyond). We hope to teach students that God is Lord over all parts of life, and as such, in all areas we need to try to respond to that.


MECS recognises that a 'one size – fits all' approach to schooling in the senior secondary years does not work. The primary focus of the Senior School campus at MECS is the VCE, and providing opportunities for students with academic and artistic gifts to develop and flourish. The Senior School values and recognises its responsibility to ensure students – according to their abilities and vocational aspirations – attain their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), complying with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) requirements. The Senior School program provides a range of valuable and rewarding subjects and units of study in the humanities, arts, mathematics, performing arts, social sciences, sciences, and a wide range of vocational subjects. Our students have access to a wide range of subjects and are able to fully meet all prerequisites for entry to tertiary faculties or institutions.

Year 10

Year 10 is a year of transition from the Middle School to the VCE program, and the curriculum and the setting of the Year 10 program are designed to provide this. Students are given the opportunity to apply to undertake a Unit 1&2 VCE or VET in Schools subject to further enhance this transition. The themes studied by Year 10 students reflect the stage at which they are likely to find themselves in their personal lives. Where appropriate, students will be given the opportunity to explore Christian perspectives on these themes.  As they mix with the VCE students and teachers, Year 10 students begin to appreciate the significance of the VCE, as well as approach this with a greater degree of confidence and familiarity with what this will entail.

Year 10 Camp

A highlight of the MECS integrated camps program is the annual Year 10 trip to the Yuendumu aboriginal settlement in Central Australia, where students experience in a practical way the culture and language of Australia’s original inhabitants, alongside the wonders of creation in the Red Centre. Living together as a community for 16 days and being confronted by ‘developing world’ living conditions means that the trip is invariably a growing experience for all students. Each year we spend several days in Yuendumu sharing and forming relationships with the people in the town, largely through making friends with the children and entering into the activities that they are involved in. MECS has been involved with Yuendumu for more than 30 years and has built a strong relationship with the school there. 

Year 10 Curriculum

Year 10 Wednesday afternoon opportunities

See Senior School Handbook for details
All students will be enrolled in the Life Skills Program on a Wednesday after 11.30am, however if they would like to fast track their VCE studies, they may apply to study a VCE subject from the offerings below or a VET in Schools subjects from the list below instead. An application form (available from the Senior School Office) must be completed for students to be considered for one of these options.

VCE Subjects available to Year 10 students (an application process must be followed)


Drama Units 1&2

Studio Arts Units 1&2

Psychology Units 1&2

At External Schools*

Outdoor and Environmental Studies Units 1&2 at Mountain District Christian Schools (offered every odd year only eg. 2017,2019)*

Unit 1&2 Language subjects at the Victorian School of Languages

Unit 1&2 subjects at the Distance Education Centre Victoria

* Extra fees apply and transport arrangements are the parents’ responsibility.

VET in Schools (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) subjects

VETiS subjects are also available to Year 10 students who wish to fast track their VCE or VCAL. VET in Schools courses attract extra fees and transport arrangements are the parent's responsibility. Please see the Senior School Handbook or go to:>Senior School>Vocational Education and Training>VET Information>click the red tab for information specific to MECS. MECS Careers Website 

Year 10 Life-Skills Program)

The Life-Skills Program will provide an opportunity for students to work on Year 10 subject assignments under the supervision of a qualified teacher. It will also allow time for extra assistance. In addition students will be able to have a say in building the rest of their program based on the interests of the group. Options may include Certificate I First Aid training, Barista training, Food Handling, Driver Education, car maintenance skills etc.
Benefits of the Life Skills Program:

• Students will receive valuable life management and study skills
• Students may obtain qualifications that will assist them in looking for paid work

The VCE Program

The VCE program for Years 11 and 12 recognises the need for students to obtain qualifications to pursue their life choices, and is structured to help achieve this. Students are counselled about the subjects they should study, and assisted in making choices consistent with their abilities and career goals. Students are given non-timetabled blocks of time (study blocks) to carry out research and private study. This leads to well-disciplined students who are better equipped to cope with the less structured atmosphere of a tertiary institution. MECS is pleased with the results obtained by its students in the VCE, and is also happy to see these students perform well at the tertiary level.
For more information about how the VCE works, please see the VCE section of the Senior School Student Handbook.

VCE Successes

Over the last ten years we have had a 100% pass rate for VCE. Each year a number of students achieve ATARS in the 90’s. We have had students go on to study Medicine, Law and a range of tertiary courses at highly reputable universities.  Many of our students go on to post-graduate study, including PhDs. Many of these students report that MECS’ approach to VCE equips them very well for independent study, self-discipline and a curious, questioning approach to life/study.
At MECS, we have a policy of giving every student the opportunity to gain their VCE. We are not a select entry school (and we don’t offer academic scholarships) because this is not consistent with our belief that each child is equally valued by God. Each student is encouraged to reach their full potential, and all students are encouraged to sit VCE exams in order to have the opportunity of applying for tertiary courses. These include students with disabilities, learning difficulties etc. This is reflected in our ATAR results where our average is a “true” average, rather than results reflecting a selected cohort of strongly academic students.

What is Ranges TEC?

Ranges TEC is a campus of Mount Evelyn Christian School. It offers a unique, hands on learning environment underpinned by the trades: Building and Construction, Hospitality, Horticulture, Engineering and Furniture Making. Students at Ranges TEC undertake trade focussed schooling in Years 10 to 12. If students are considering employment as a tradesperson after leaving school, Ranges TEC is a great place to be. Our apprenticeship placement rates hover around 90% so the chances of finishing school with an apprenticeship are very high.

Ranges TEC understands and honours applied learners. We acknowledge their learning style is often different to many in academic learning environments. A Ranges TEC Year 10 is a rich, explorative, hands on environment in which students are supported to discover their potential. Our Year 10 is designed to launch students into the challenges of Year 11 and 12 trade based programs. In Year 11 students undertake VCAL and pre-apprenticeship training in one of our five trade environments, spending the vast majority of their time learning in a context they are passionate about. Students in Year 12 work with teachers to develop an Individual Learning Plan suited to their individual needs, talents and aspirations.

What is VCAL?

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a ‘hands on’ option for senior students and has over 20,000 enrolments in Victoria annually. Like the VCE, the VCAL is a recognised senior qualification that is issued by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Unlike the VCE, which is widely used by students as a pathway to university, the VCAL focuses on training students for vocational pathways. Students who do the VCAL are more likely to be interested in further TAFE training, undertaking an apprenticeship, or entering the workforce after completing Year 12.
VCAL comprises three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Senior. These levels are not related to students’ ages or school year; rather their abilities to work at different levels of independence and capacity.
VCAL is made up of four core strands, Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development Skills, and Work Related Skills, with each strand having prescribed learning outcomes.
The personal attributes that are highlighted and developed in VCAL are: good listening skills, commitment, leadership, teamwork, willingness to work hard, initiative, ability to ask questions and follow instructions, motivation to achieve their personal best, focus on the end goal.

Ranges TEC Location

Our main campus is a purpose built, trade training and education facility located in Hightech Place, Lilydale. Situated within Lilydale’s industrial development it provides an authentic setting for vocational education and training and is only a short walk from rail and bus services. Ranges TEC also has a community farm in Monbulk which supports the delivery of our learning programs.

For more information please contact Ranges TEC (03) 9738 7100 or visit our website: Ranges TEC