A calm amongst the storm

2020 has been a year of change, not all of them great and many have taken their toll on each of us in different ways. It can be easy to get swept up in the ever changing landscape. It is important, however, that we try and find a new normality this year, especially for our students’ sake.

Year 6 is often a year that students look back on with much fondness and full of memories. This year will be no different, but for other reasons. It is important however that the ‘show goes on’ and the great things that were planned at the start of the year continue, even if they are implemented in a new format. As we venture into Term 4, Transition into the Middle School for our Year 6 students continues to be very much front and center of our weekly program. This is something that remains at the top of our priority list. While there have been small tweaks to how this program runs, it does form the backbone of our last term’s work with the Year 6s.

Some years ago, MECS leadership saw it as pertinent to have someone in the role of transition coordinator. Student numbers were increasing, especially when taking into account that the number of external students coming into Year 7 was the same, if not more than the number of students coming up from the Primary School. It became more an in depth role than what it has been previously. Caz Nyhouse is our new transition coordinator, and continues on the hard work, passion and dedication that Olivia Dyer brought to this role over a number of years.

Transition from Primary School to Secondary School needs to be done well, and also requires the time and space given so as to ensure that this happens. Teachers work hard behind the scenes compiling notes and an education overview summary for each child. Primary School students tour the Middle School on a number of occasions and have lessons in the classrooms. In the next couple of weeks, teachers and current Year 7 students come down to the Primary School and have a Q and A session as part of this journey. Fortunately, we have increasing resources in the Ed Support Space as well, with Jo Miller now overseeing this portfolio across both Primary and Secondary Sections.

Transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School remains as important as it has ever been. While the world around us has changed this year, some of the fundamentals that have been in place years before, we believe, must hold firm. These remain a vital part of the MECS philosophy of valuing every child as a unique learner, each with their own giftings from God, all of whom add their own distinct flavour and character to this beautiful school, God’s school.