A Grand Plan

Over the last 16 years or so our Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) has been the instrument we have used to guide the development of buildings and grounds on the MECS and Ranges TEC campuses. It has been the tool we have used to make the case for millions of dollars of capital grants over those years. It has been reshaped multiple times to account for opportunities and challenges that have come our way. 

When I say we, I really mean the Board, the Infrastructure Planning Committee, and the Executive on behalf of the Association. They are the champions of the vision to Seek the Kingdom of God in Education. They are the decision makers that determine if the plans for the spaces in which we do school truly serve the vision.

The project just completed for our Junior Primary learning spaces is the most visible development on the MECS campus at the moment. Of course our IMP has a number of elements that remain to be completed. At the Ranges TEC campus, a first-floor development is taking place in Factory 5 right now. Later this year a fourth Senior Primary classroom is to be built on top of the second storey concrete slab above the Foundation classrooms. More immediately, next term we hope to see a barrel vault shade structure completed over the basketball court next to the oval.

Even with all this construction, the shape of developments for the next ten years needs some serious thought. There are some puzzles surrounding the best way to respond to our changing learning settings, our parking and traffic challenges, the developments in the way technology is impacting learning, the ramped-up need for sustainability, a deliberation on how to take 1970s and 1980s buildings into a 21st century learning environment, and the need to use our campus spaces wisely with respect to our impact on the environment.

For these reasons, we have engaged the services of the architectural firm Stanton Dahl to assist us to develop the next IMP. After some false starts due to COVID-19 over the last two years, last week Shayne Evans and James Stewart of Stanton Dahl visited with us to hear about the needs, challenges and dreams for both the MECS and Ranges TEC campuses. The process now underway will bring a plan to the Board by its June meeting.

A Grand Plan is being worked out. To me this grand plan, the Infrastructure Master Plan, will be another way to express our faith that we rely of Jesus for wisdom and insight to continue the good journey toward the Kingdom of God that this school has been on for nearly 50 years.