Actively living for God in His world

I love the MECS mission statement, especially the phrase that we want to provide learning challenges so that our students actively live for God in His world. Isn't that, as a community, what we want for our young people? That they know who Jesus is, have submitted their lives to His lordship and are actively living out of that place of humble submission to Him. Can I get an Amen to that! 

So how do we as a school community achieve that wonderful, lofty mission that God has gifted to us? Below are three ways that we work towards our mission statement and help our young people actively live for God.

Partnership: We as staff cannot achieve this mission statement without our families, and you as families will find it difficult to do this without the school community. We work together so that our young people see what it looks like to actively live for God in His world at home and school. Together we raise and influence this generation of young people to live for Jesus.

Being intentional about revealing God in our classrooms: As teachers, it is our task to help show students God's creation and His goodness in all curriculum areas. We help reveal God in all subject areas such as Writing, Reading, Geography, Sciences, Sport, Business, Art and Maths. We acknowledge that every time we step into a classroom and teach our students, we are participating in forming them, hopefully forming them towards God and not away from Him. Over the workbreak, we focused on classroom and curriculum formation and how we can be intentional about developing it. We have called this our formational intention, and we ask ourselves the following five questions as we plan each unit of work:

  1. What is our formation intention? Deep Hope and Biblical Perspective.
  2. How does our pedagogy (the way we teach) support this formation intention?
  3. How does our classroom environment support this formation intention?
  4. How does our learning sequence support the formation intention?
  5. How does our assessment support this formation intention?

Through this intentionality, together as a teaching team and with the help of the Holy Spirit, across a student's time at MECS, we are helping our young people to be curious about God's world and live out the hope that is only found in Jesus.

Community and wellbeing: As humans, we flourish best in strong communities, living, working and sharing together as we encourage each other in our faith. At MECS, we are always looking for ways to build up and include families and our young people in a thriving, healthy community. We are proactive about supporting students with additional learning needs and mental health issues by providing staffing, programs and teaching that support and educate. We also provide opportunities for hospitality so we can build relationships and a sense of belonging. 

Every day in myriad ways, we work together to live out the mission of our young people actively living for God in His world. Thank you for joining us on the journey. May you be blessed!