Ahh, control... and there it goes...

Term Two has seemed to be somewhat of a rollercoaster … taking on many fun but interesting narratives and, understandably, experienced differently by all. The old Aussie adage of ‘she’ll be right’ got thrown out the window early on and things quickly got serious. And for good reason. I do feel however, that my vocabulary has improved and that I am now using the word ‘unprecedented’ probably more than I should.

I would not go so far as to call myself a control freak, however I do like things to be a certain way. I like to know what is happening in the days, weeks and months ahead and I am not a big fan of surprises. I like to have answers. Answers to recent questions such as….

I have quickly had to learn that not having all the answers is ok and that life can go on.

Teachers guiding their flock each day has taken on a very different look via Schoolbox, or Seesaw in the younger years. Sometimes, students may not understand the content, and as much as we try to explain it to them via a video chat or forum message, it is not the same as being together in a classroom. For some families, getting multiple assessment pieces handed in online has been challenging, as there might be multiple children learning remotely. Mum and/or dad are also working from home and… well the internet just does not connect. As teachers we have continually reminded ourselves and families that it will be ok, despite the challenges we are experiencing.

We were all buoyed by the news of school going back earlier than what was initially expected. In some respects, school will look different compared to what we have previously known. As we have experienced recently, ‘different’ can raise all sorts of questions and concerns. However, while I do not have all the answers, as a MECS parent and staff member, I am glad and feel blessed to be part a school community where our leaders continue to lead from the front and map out our course confidently. Even when we feel out of control, it is important to remember that we worship a God who is Sovereign over all.