Building on Firm Foundations

I sometimes feel a bit sorry for the foolish man who built his house on the sand!

I get it… he was under pressure to meet a deadline, the budget was limited... he thought this would be the quickest and easiest way to get things done. I’m sure he didn’t set out to do a ‘shoddy job’; presumably it was his family who was going to live in the house!

But the alternative was going to take longer, cost more - securing those foundations through rock seemed a little over the top. He would take his chances, I’m sure things will be fine... life had been good to him!

It is true that building on strong foundations often takes longer, requires more care and diligence, the costs can be higher... but the alternative can also be costly.

Building one’s life on the foundation of God’s grand narrative for the world as expressed in the Bible, committing to being part of a church community, tithing our resources, working out how to be God’s disciple in the world, or as our school mission statement says, “actively living for God’ in His world” is not a quick, once-in-a-lifetime decision. It takes daily commitment and action. It is seen in the grand decisions and the small choices of life. It can be challenging when people challenge our views, or don’t get what we are doing; when they ridicule us for taking such a careful path.

But the alternative is to buy into a cultural story that says life should be fun, it should be easy. You should be able to do your own thing. Live on the wild side a bit! Lifetime commitments to anything seem a bit over the top; unreasonable even. How can one be expected to build something so permanent? What if I change my mind??

The parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders was shared with us in recent staff devotions and is also captured in one of our new artworks that has been donated to the school by artist, Maz Gill-Harper. Maz has had a lovely association with MECS, and previous Principal, Martin Hanscamp. She has recently donated to the school 21 works of art, each one depicting a parable of the New Testament. We intend to display two each term and reflect on these as a community, in our classrooms and in the devotional life of our staff and students. We will also share them with you in this e-newsletter as well.

You might like to read the whole parable, found in Matthew 7:24-29, as you reflect on this work.