Celebrating Partnership

Often when I conduct enrolment interviews with prospective families with school-aged children, I try to explain the nature of partnership to the children so that they can understand better what their parents and I are talking about.

I suggest to them that going into partnership together is like deciding to go into business with others to make something that we both really want! Deciding what we really want is an important discussion!! If I want to make sausage rolls, and the parents want to make dim sims, we have a problem. Whilst both are food products, we would still need different ingredients and different equipment to make these different products; it’s not quite going to work. Part of the final interview process is to determine the compatibility of our partnership.

Partnership is then tested under extreme conditions. Sometimes it can be tested by different priorities or ways of doing things when problems arise. Sometimes it can be tested when either party doesn’t deliver on what they say they will. Partnership can even be tested over time because the reasons for going into partnership together are no longer clear. The circumstances of this term, with its pressures and challenges, could also have brought pressure and strain to the partnership.

However, we also know that partnership can be strengthened under extreme conditions. The reasons for the partnership are made clear, trust is built, community is made evident in surprising and unexpected ways. It is with a great sense of pride and optimism that we believe that we have come through this term with a greater sense of partnership and purpose together.

Thank you for this! Your trust, encouragement and willingness to support our ‘remote learning program’ and ‘return to school’ processes and other initiatives that we are now looking at, such as on-line Parent Teacher Interviews and Information Nights is not taken for granted. We have only been able to do what we have done, and feel confident of trying some new things, because of the partnership we enjoy with our families.

Hopefully, the disruptions of this term have given you an opportunity to think through why your children are at MECS, and why you continue that partnership. Certainly, it has given the staff and Board of the school, an opportunity to reflect on what we are passionate and committed to. That is, providing Christ-centred education that makes a difference in the lives of your children. So, let’s celebrate this moment and use this opportunity to re-commit ourselves to the partnership that we enjoy.

May it be a strong foundation going forward as we continue to grow, build and nurture our community going forward.