Change is always happening... and I love it! It makes me worried when things stay the same for too long. Whether it’s re-arranging the lounge room furniture, taking up a new hobby or even getting a new haircut; I like it when things change... just a bit.

It’s the same with school. I like fresh ideas, new classroom displays, a quick office makeover. I like finding a way to make something more functional, more usable, more attractive.

For some of us, the restrictions of the last couple of years enabled us to move into new areas, fast-track initiatives, find new ways of doing things... and some of them were great! Some changes were forced upon us and we now need to judiciously think through what we keep doing differently and what we forget about! 

For some, change is always hard. You might be suspicious of doing things differently, worried that important things might be lost or set aside. I get that too! Changing things requires wisdom and care.

So, as we begin this 2022 school year, there will be inevitable change and planned change! 

One of the major planned changes is the commencement of Janet Anderson as our Primary Head. It was great to see Janet this week meeting new students and families out in the playground, and throughout the Primary School. Janet comes with lots of experience and so our beautiful Primary School is in safe hands. Why not go out of your way to say hello, or send her a welcome email? We have planned in the next couple of weeks, a couple of ‘Meet and Greet’ opportunities with Janet so look out for these as well.

Another beautiful new change is the opening of our Junior Primary complex.  An ‘official’ opening will happen later in the term, but we are thrilled with the size, outlook and functionality of these rooms. Thanks to our builder, Jonathan King, and all his team for getting these ready for the start of the new year.

Finally, we have change in the new staff and students who have joined us. We look forward to introducing all the new staff to you in the coming weeks, but we really hope all our new students feel ‘at home’ straight away. We are so pleased that you are now part of the MECS community!

However, in all these changes it is good to remember that God never changes. The Bible reminds us that His faithfulness and steadfastness, is new every morning! What a great promise! Each day as our staff and students gather together to learn about God’s world, He is here with us; helping us navigate tricky situations, encouraging us to do our best and blessing us with friends and colleagues. 

As we begin another school year, may we continue to be God’s people in this place. We pray for safety, good health and lots of exciting learning experiences for all our students, whether they are in Kindergarten or Year 12. Welcome back!