Change in the Primary School

Change is an inevitable part of life. Each year we start with new classes, new students join us and we welcome new staff. It is exciting to see how the new faces fit into the MECS puzzle. Before long we know and love these people as part of our community. It’s like they’ve always been here!

Starting a new building project in the Primary School this year has brought literal upheaval in the digging of new footings and foundations. There is inconvenience in diverted pathways, parking challenges, and room changes... but there is also the excitement of new things to come.  

Change does bring some upheaval and uncertainty for individuals and the community. It would be the rare student and parent who didn’t feel nervous on starting at a new school or even a new school year. People are amazingly adaptable though and we learn to go round the change, go with the flow, and soon it becomes our norm and we are OK. Change is inevitable in life.  As someone once said; the only thing you can be certain of in this life, is that things will change. 

Over the 20+ years I’ve been at MECS I have seen a lot of change. Staff we have loved have come and gone, students have grown up, buildings have changed and so has curriculum, reporting, and assessments. But there has also been a wonderful sense of connectedness and stability based on the strong foundations that have been built at MECS. It is a solid foundation built on God’s foundations.  As I reflect back on my time at MECS I feel blessed for the journey that began first as a parent, then a teacher, a coordinator, and finally Assistant Principal. 

At the end of this year, I will be saying my goodbyes to MECS. MECS with the help of CEN (Christian Education National) will shortly start the task of finding a new Assistant Principal for MECS Primary. MECS is a hard place to leave but the time is right for someone new to come along with their own style, giftings and skills. God has already designed this so we don’t need to worry. What will I be doing in 2022 and beyond? After some travel and reflection, I am excited to see where God will take us. I have a number of passion areas, including Indigenous Education, Student Welfare and Student Support. MECS is such a wonderful place filled with God inspired people doing education in a way that is fresh, interesting and ever changing. I am so thankful that I got to grow up as a teacher in this special place and got to know and love Christian Education. As 2021 proceeds it is business as usual at MECS Primary. We are doing what we love, building community, educating in fresh new ways with a firm foundation.