How this year has flown by! 

Only four more weeks left of school, our children are another year older, we are one year on from Lockdowns, and back into our new rhythm of life. How has your family travelled this year? Have you loved jumping back into life and events, or found you needed to take things slower than normal?

This year has felt very busy yet fulfilling. I have been in my role at MECS as Community Relations Officer for just over 1 year, and I often reflect on how blessed I am to be able to be part of this community and to be given the opportunity to love and support it. I  was a part of the MECS community for 8 years before my role as Community Relations Officer, and have made some lifelong friends along the way. I thank God for each of my MECS friends and connections. I have learnt and grown so much over the years and I can see God's hand through it all. 

Being part of a community has many positive effects on both our mental and emotional health and that of our children. The sense of belonging and social connectedness it installs can give purpose to everyday life. It strengthens our social resilience and can stretch us at times, all whilst upholding us and supporting us. The benefits of belonging and then engaging in a good community can be endless. 

On reflection, how do you think you and your family have fared this last year? Do you think your family/work/life balance is working well? Personally I like to evaluate my life balance regularly, and holidays are the perfect opportunity to sit down with a nice cuppa and pray and reflect as to what is working and what is not working. Do you think participating and being more involved in our MECS community could be beneficial for you and your family? 

Next year we will be celebrating MECS’ 50th year, with plenty of wonderful opportunities/events to be involved in. There will be many ways in which to connect with other families who are also part of our community. I would love to hear from you to discuss how you can be more involved in the MECS community to not only bless others, but also see the benefits of this in your own life.