Filled with Wonder

I recently attended a lecture presented by Andy Crouch based on his most recent book The life we are looking for. Reclaiming relationship in a technological world. It was a highly thought-provoking lecture looking at the amazing creational goodness of technology and how we can use technology well to enhance human flourishing compared to how we can use technology poorly to dehumanise ourselves as image bearers. 

One of his key points was that we often use technology to remove an aspect of who we are as humans or another way to say it, is that we trade personhood for effortless power, for example we use social media likes as a substitute for the real work of loving other humans. 

So how does this impact us? One of the ways is that we diminish the ability to imagine, dream, create, wonder and just spend time being amazed at the works of our wonderful Creator. We are constantly in front of a screen and constantly stimulated by the next social media post or TikTok or Netflix show. All of this is changing our brains from creative people made in the image of our creator to content consumers made in the image of marketing departments. 

This is especially so for our children and teens who need space and time without a screen to play and imagine. One of the best things we can do for our children and teenagers is to give them time without devices and without our help to think, dream or imagine and yes even time to be bored! 

There was a recent post on the Christian Deeper Learning blog called 'Don’t Intrude', which talked about the internal life of a child and how it is “rich, deep, wide, and self-sustaining when it has had many, many opportunities to get to know itself. If it has had loving adults who facilitate but don’t get in the way.” I think this is great advice.

So, let’s use technology wisely and allow technology to be our servant and not our master and give our children and teens time to be filled with wonder at the goodness of God!

Don’t Intrude... (