God’s faithfulness in all seasons

We have all been somewhat shaken by the recent news that Mountain District Christian School will need to finish up at the end of this year. The sadness that we feel is very deep, especially for those of us that have journeyed over the decades with Mountain District, enjoying wonderful friendship and partnership in Christian education. I also feel this particularly strongly as one of my own granddaughters is a current student at Mountain District. Our hearts go out to the whole Mountain District school community, the students, the families, and the staff, as we seek to comfort and assist them in whatever ways we can. We also find ourselves appropriately turning to the Lord in prayer. It is a ‘natural instinct’ to pray in difficult times. While I understand that it would be even better if we were more consistently prayerful, in all seasons, I believe that God’s love is bottomless, and he is understanding and gracious to us, always receptive to our cries for help, even (or especially) when we cannot find the right words to pray. When ‘things go wrong’, God is not distant, but if anything, even closer. At such times we are to press into Jesus, and let him remind and reassure us of his faithfulness, and experience real hope in the midst of hard circumstances. 

Throughout biblical history we see God's faithfulness clearly displayed to his chosen people. Recognising God's faithfulness as characteristic of who he is, and not dependent upon our actions, is both liberating and encouraging when navigating disappointments and challenging seasons. Hardships can occur for many reasons. Sometimes they may be linked to poor choices, but more often than not they simply reflect the brokenness of the world we live in. Jesus has called us to live faithfully for him wherever we are, whatever the circumstances, and to expect that to be his ambassadors will also involve sharing in suffering. Sometimes we may suffer for our faith as Christians, sometimes we suffer as we embrace others who are suffering, sometimes we suffer just as people living in an imperfect world as we await Jesus’ return. Acknowledging God’s faithfulness in our own lives, in turn, encourages us to obey, worship and praise Him faithfully while sharing His love, mercy and grace with others. 

In about a month’s time MECS will have a special event on Sunday 27 November, to acknowledge, celebrate and thank Dr Roger Fernando and his wife Janette, for their decades of incredible faithfulness in service to God here at MECS. I consider myself very fortunate to know them, and to have been blessed by them in so many ways. I find them truly inspirational! At the end of this year a season comes to an end as they enter retirement. I have no doubt though that they will continue to be busy for the Lord in many and varied ways in the years ahead. At the end of 2023 I also plan to retire, and it is a strange thing as seasons pass, and you look to the next with both uncertainty and excitement, knowing that the Living God is Lord of all. 

God is faithful in every season of life, both natural and personal. God’s blessings as you trust God through the current and future seasons.