Is Christian Schooling Worth It?

I’m sure you will be happy to read something that is not COVID related, but it is probably also true, that during this uncertain season, you have questioned or are weighing up the benefits of a Christian school education.

I thought it was timely, therefore, to communicate with you about the positive impact our school’s Christ-centred and holistic education has on students, not only during their school years, but well into their adult lives. It is important that you know about these strengths and tell others of them too!

The benefits of attending a Christian school have been reaffirmed by the results of the Australian Cardus Education Survey. You may remember hearing about this landmark study in my Sketcher’s Scoop when the results were first published. The findings revealed that graduates of Christian schools, in partnership with family and their communities, were shown to be actively contributing to the common good and achieving impressive outcomes across a diverse range of academic, vocational, social, civic and religious spheres. Some notable examples include:

These findings clearly demonstrate that the well-rounded Christian education given to students at Christian schools like MECS continues to benefit not only students after they finish school, but also the broader Australian society. Given the value of our school system, it is important that we strive to preserve our educational practices, which reflect our core beliefs and serve our community so well. In recent years, Christian schools have been faced with three key challenges of which we should all be aware: limitations on religious freedom, unwanted curriculum changes and calls for reduced government funding. 

Religious freedom is fundamental to our ability to teach students and run our school in accordance with our deeply-held Christian beliefs. We continue to advocate and remind politicians that all our staff are required to be Christians, because all are involved in the formation of our students, whether it be in the Scripture class, visiting the school nurse or on the bus going home! 

Unnecessary changes to the national curriculum have also been proposed—changes that would remove content about our country’s Christian heritage. This heritage is responsible for much collective social good in our nation’s history, and Christian schools are an active part of that story today! 

The government currently gives Christian schools about 80% of the funding that government schools receive per student, yet even this lower level of funding has been challenged in recent years. Although school funding is not currently a hot-button issue, it will likely be challenged again in the future. The excellent outcomes of Christian school students and their contribution to the community affirms that Christian school funding needs to be protected for the benefit of everyone.

It is vital that Christian schools like MECS continue to educate children in accordance with Christian values and from a biblical worldview. If we are able to do this, many more students in years to come will be equipped with both the knowledge they need to live in the world and the wisdom they need to be a light to the world.

In support of this goal, we encourage you to be informed of the unique strengths of our sector, as revealed by the Cardus Education Survey, and to inform others of them too! This will be a key part of our marketing strategy going forward. 

Attached is the Cardus Education Survey summary. For more information and report materials please visit: