Jo Growsomemore’s Year 4 - Semester 1 Report MECS

Jo has demonstrated a high degree of capability in bike riding and tree climbing during remote learning. This has assisted him to concentrate for sustained periods of time whilst working on his Schoolbox assignments. Jo has also shown that he can at times get along with his siblings, be resourceful and independent, display creativity during Lego challenges, contribute to the household in meaningful ways, and persist at things when he really just wanted to lay about in his PJs and play Xbox. Jo, you should be proud of what you’ve achieved during remote learning. Your character has grown in ways we could not have imagined!

Reports this Semester are going to look a little different, maybe not as wildly exaggerated as the above report for our fictional character. Reports show us a snapshot in time and tell us about how students are going academically and socially at school. They deliver information about what the student has achieved against the standards of the Victorian Curriculum. At MECS we also greatly value the personal character development of our students and reflect this in our reports. Lisa Dumicich, Teaching and Learning Director, has outlined the changes to our reports in a letter that you will receive by the end of this week.

Quick overview…

Reports will be electronic and available through the parent portal of ENGAGE.

VCE reports - results will be pending until all assessments are completed and then reports will be reissued.

Specialist subjects have occurred in a different manner during remote learning, enabling students to choose their passion areas and giftings providing alternative opportunities such as Pick a Box and Wellbeing Wednesday. The VRQA have issued an exemption on reports from specialist subjects during this period, so these will not form part of the reports this semester.

Since school has come back, teachers have been busy ascertaining where students are at. Many of our students have made amazing progress. We are so proud of the efforts that students, parents and grandparents have put in. Our students have grown in so many ways during remote learning, thanks to you. Parents, you get an A+ in remote schooling!