Lest We Forget

How good are you at remembering? So much of our lives seems to rely on the act of remembering. Much of our educational endeavour is based on it. Our justice system relies on it. We are told to remember the past so as to not repeat it. Much of our daily lives requires us to remember what we have to do and where we have to be!

The ability to remember seems to form our very identity and worth in a society that has little place for forgetfulness. I was reminded of this when reading the book, ‘Still Alice’. Some of you may have seen the film!  It tells the story of a brilliant professor who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s; as she loses her memory she loses her identity. We see how quickly she is ‘put aside’ as her inability to remember impacts her working and family life.

In recent weeks, we as Australians, and those of us who are Christians, have been asked to remember two important historical events. One that defines us as Australians, the other that defines us as Christians.

ANZAC Day has become an important Australian ‘ritual’ as we pause to remember those who have served our country in various theatres of war. Their service and sacrifice inspire in us national values such as mateship, loyalty and a fair go for all. Like many Australians, I gathered with my immediate family at the end of my driveway on Saturday morning to remember.

Similarly, the celebration and remembrance of Easter, is an important part of the Christian faith. Just recently, as we read and reflected on the Easter narrative, and participated in Easter rituals, albeit different ones this year, we were encouraged to remember what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

However, as already mentioned, the problem with humans is that we are prone to forgetting, or if not forgetting completely, letting other things become more important!

In contrast to our humanness, God always remembers. Faithfulness is not something God aspires to; it is an essential part of his character. When God makes a promise, he always remembers and therefore keeps it. God always remembers his people, (Genesis 30:22) and he repeatedly commands them to never forget Him. Remembering always involves action. And as God remembers, he rescues and redeems.

May this season of challenge, and indeed suffering for many, be a time when the redemption we find in Christ be of real comfort and solace. May our MECS community continue to be faithful in ‘seeking the Kingdom of God’ and be generous in extending love, care and compassion to others. May you remember each day, and in the really hard stuff, that God loves you and your family and He will not forget you.

Lest we forget!