Marvellous MECS - A long look back and a glance forward...

What an honour to lead and love MECS for so long. As I come to the end of my MECS time I wanted to reflect on some of the journey and share  some of my highlights.

My introduction to MECS came via my children. I remember thinking I want to be part of the sort of education I could see happening for my own kids. 

What sort you ask? 

When I came to MECS I had a Year 2 in the current SPB room on the end of the Middle Primary wing. I loved that grade. It was such a blessing to ground the day in God, starting each day with prayer. We had such an opportunity to develop curriculum and work alongside colleagues who were amazing. Colin Smith, Liesje Wilson and Heather Blomberg to name a few. We were able to develop and explore our curriculum and units with a Biblical Perspective with so much fun and creativity. There were space stations complete with astronaut outfits made of silver gumboots, bike helmets and oxygen masks, recycling factories where kids could sort, classify and reuse junk, there were digs burying rubbish to see the impact on our environment. We explored the barrier reef turning the room into an underwater wonderland complete with scuba gear, shells and fish. Then along with Peter Beams we went out exploring in our community. There were camps at Belgrave Heights, fires cooking damper, hikes up mad hills, trips to the beach and visits to the tip. In the not-so-distant past there have been amazing teachers and colleagues like Carole Bird (librarian) working with us on curriculum. That wonderful SP team of days gone by of Mel, Ali and Justine. They brought every sort of dress up and creative idea to play on their curriculum and later on Michelle Pinxt (Dempsey). There are so many other wonderful staff both past and present who have come along to make up the marvellous MECS Primary team. I am ever indebted to the work of Mel Dykstra who assisted me for so many years in developing a caring and intentional culture at MECS Primary. Restorative discipline, circle times, student welfare and a learning culture that valued every student as unique and special to name a few. In these last few years the indominable Ali Coffey working on Biblical Perspective workshops with staff and developing his leadership skills. My thanks to the steady and never-failing Ben Clark’s coordination and attention to safety, organisation and support of keeping our Primary running so well. 

Although it is farewell for now from me and my many MECS characters, including superwoman, the bearded lady, MECSY Poppins, Santa’s elf helper and whoever turns up before the end of this year….it is not goodbye.

My prayer for you all, is that in reflecting on this rich legacy, it might flow forward to the MECS Primary of the future. 

My prayer is that every student both past, present and future would hold true to our MECS prayer (developed with many of our current Primary team at the ITEC CEN conference in Adelaide in 2019)

MECS Prayer

I am a Child of God. 
I have a Strong Heart and a Strong Mind. 
I am loved by God. 
It’s who I am. 
No one can take it from me. 
I’m not what I do. 
I’m not what I have. 
I’m not what people say about me. 
I don’t have to worry. 
I can be calm and peaceful. 
I can feel safe. 
I can trust my friend Jesus, and share his love with the world.