Momentous History

As a history buff I have spent the weekend pouring over the newspapers and glued to the television, as we farewell Queen Elizabeth 2, and welcome King Charles 3! What a momentous event in our history as we watch not only the outpouring of grief and gratitude, but also the pomp and ceremony of proclaiming a new King.

A couple of things have caught my attention – 

Of course, this all leads us to reflect on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ! 

In living out of the biblical story, focussing on the gospel of Jesus Christ, we indeed are captured by a story bigger than ourselves. This story invites us to live a life of selfless love, poured out in sacrifice to others as we point to the never-ending reign of Christ. 

The promises of this eternal story brings hope and stability for the future. We know how the story ends and because of this we have confidence for our future! 

And finally, may we never forget that our eternal King is due all our worship and praise. Nothing on earth will ever capture the ‘pomp and ceremony’ that our King deserves. The following chorus captures my heart at this time...

Majesty, worship His Majesty.

Unto Jesus be all glory, honour and praise!

Majesty, Kingdom Authority,

Flow from His throne, unto His own

His anthem raise!