These past holidays, upon doing a ‘spring clean’ in our garage, I discovered a collection of 30-year-old books and comics that belonged to my husband as a boy. A few of the titles were ‘Pick-a-Path’ books.

For those of you who have never read a ‘Pick-a-Path’ book (or similar), they are books designed to involve the reader. The author has pre-determined a conclusion to the story but provides a number of opportunities for the reader to decide which ‘path’ they will choose to get there. 

In recent days, while reading the same book several times over with my daughter, I have reflected on just how much the education journey (or even life journey) is like a ‘Pick-a-Path’ book… God is in control, yet there are ‘opportunities’ or ‘junctions’ in our life where we must choose a path.

These past few weeks of school have been focused on the final stretch for our Year 12 students. Their ‘learning path’ is reaching another junction. Some months ago, they picked their future path. They’re up to a point of climax in the storyline… What will happen to the central character? Will it all play out the way we hope? Is this the end of the chapter; or just the beginning of a new twist/turn of events?

But this process of ‘picking-a-path’ isn’t just limited to students in their final year of schooling, nor to the conclusion of Secondary Education. All of our students entering their Senior School years are ‘picking-a-path’. They all have a decision to make.

Will they continue the chapter into VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) studies?

Or shall they pick a ‘lesser known’ path to Ranges Tec campus, where students can study a trade-based VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning); a path that will introduce brand new characters and plot twists?

Or excitingly for 2021, stick with the same key characters, setting and location but ‘mix it up a bit’ by introducing a new pathway: VCAL at MECS Campus?

Alongside our Year 12 students who are graduating, there are also a number of other students in the community (right down to the Primary School) whose pathways are leading away from MECS; heading to new beginnings at another school. For these students it is like re-starting the story from the beginning and picking new pathways; it’s not a whole new book, just a different way of reading it.

Regardless of the path that is chosen, what is clear from the outset, is that God is the Author. He knows each one of our students intimately, he designed each character and knows each possible path. Each pathway, and eventual destination, is planned before the story is read (or even written). So as we celebrate the end of one chapter for our Year 12s this Friday, so too we celebrate what’s to come for them and all of our students... More chapters, new settings, plot twists, and characters. The possibilities are endless with God, the Author.