Reflection on the recent Parent Satisfaction Survey

Have you ever had an experience that totally lived up to your expectations and you came away totally satisfied? It could be a meal at a great restaurant, the holiday of a lifetime, a much anticipated birthday celebration…

Satisfaction is sometimes hard to measure, or even achieve, because we live in a culture that promises more all the time. We are sometimes reluctant to say something was great, because perhaps we should expect more. Was that holiday really that fabulous? Perhaps I should have gone somewhere else. That meal was beautiful, but perhaps that other restaurant would’ve been better. 

To be satisfied is to have one’s wishes, expectations or needs fulfilled. To be contented and pleased.

As a school, we want to thank you for letting us know that you are very satisfied with what we are doing here at MECS! That message came through loud and clear from the results of our recent Parent Satisfaction Survey and in the many comments that were provided. That doesn’t mean that there are not areas to keep working on, but overall, as parents, you are, and after four years since the last survey, continue to be, extremely satisfied with the education, leadership and sense of community that is fostered here.

Staff have, and will be acknowledged for the important role they play in providing a quality education for your children. However, we want to thank and acknowledge you as well! MECS is such a positive learning community, because of the commitment and partnership we enjoy with parents. You work with us and trust us. You are involved in so many aspects of community life, whether it be helping on camps and excursions, coming to our events and celebrations, enjoying the hospitality of morning-teas, facilitating fund-raising events and becoming members of our Association. Whilst some aspects of this partnership have been curbed in recent times, we look forward to this getting back to normal, as our staff could not do what they do without your support. We are thankful to God that your wishes and expectations as parents are being fulfilled. That you are contented and pleased with what we do! We celebrate together and acknowledge with gratitude, God’s faithfulness to this community over many years. 

As already mentioned, this does not mean that MECS is a perfect school. We thank those of you who made comment about the things we could do better. We are committed to working on those areas that still need improvement and to provide greater clarity around issues that are perhaps not well understood. Schools can be complicated and messy spaces, with an array of competing needs that need careful managing. Communication doesn’t always happen in the way we would like it to; students don’t always contribute positively to the learning environments you are expecting. As always, we welcome your input; don’t feel as if you have to wait another three years if there are areas of ongoing concern.

However, it is also important to celebrate when most things are going well and so we do look to the future with renewed vision and courage knowing that we have the support and satisfaction of our parent community.